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8 Famous People Who Had Cosmetic Dentistry

Nowadays, one can hear more and more about various dental procedures, which experts call aesthetic dentistry. Celebrities did not resist this trend either. Therefore, we present 8 famous people who had cosmetic dentistry.

A Beautiful Smile Requires Dental Care

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There is no doubt that a sincere smile is a wonderful thing. However, research shows that many of us are insecure when it comes to teeth. However, despite that, we are still not good enough when it comes to caring for our teeth. Research shows that a large number of people do not want to smile – because they are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. However, we still do not take enough care of our teeth. The same research shows that a large percentage of people go to the dentist only when they have a problem with their teeth. Of course, this is not a good practice – because regular examinations are necessary for a beautiful and quality smile. People are starting to become more and more aware of this – so, fortunately, things are slowly changing.

However, patients often do not know exactly what bothers them and why they are dissatisfied with their smile. It is then up to the therapist to interpret the patient’s dissatisfaction and offer him possible solutions. Therefore, very often, cosmetic surgery in dentistry involves even a multidisciplinary approach to orthodontics, implantology, prosthetics (click here to learn more about these topics), etc.

Perfect Instagram Smile

When it comes to our teeth, we have higher expectations than ever. Shockingly white teeth are in trend – it’s the so-called Hollywood smile. Even social networks are full of smiles like this. People have become accustomed to the filters available on social media, to the extent that they now want to look like that. Instagram and Snapchat offer various filters that enlarge your lips or reduce your nose or whiten your teeth – so people want such changes in themselves. This is especially noticeable in the younger generations. However, what about the others? Most people who think about cosmetic dentistry want to get the look as natural as possible. The future is in minimally invasive corrections that allow you to enjoy the natural look of your smile. Even celebrities could not escape this trend.

Celebrities And Cosmetic Dentistry

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Many people from public life were not born with the smile you can see today. Due to the work they do, they undergo numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments. A beautiful smile is their “window to the world” – and that’s why it has to be perfect. According to, for a perfect and harmonious smile – it is often necessary to correct broken or short teeth, lighten dark teeth, straighten irregular teeth, etc. Here are some of the celebrities who have undergone cosmetic dentistry to make their smile perfect.

1.  Tom Cruise

Early in his career, Tom had serious problems with his teeth. Curved, uneven, and discolored teeth are not a good recommendation for Hollywood. This lousy tooth situation is usually resolved with a fixed denture. However, due to the nature of his work – it is simply not possible to wear a prosthesis for a year – and then to approach prosthetics. That is why people like Tom immediately approach prosthetic solutions – to achieve a Hollywood smile in a short time. The degree of deformity and poor position of the teeth – determines whether it is possible to solve the problem with veneers. Tom succeeded in that, and today his smile is considered one of the most beautiful in Hollywood.

2. George Clooney

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Between collecting Oscars and numerous relationships, Clooney has managed to find the time to go to visit the dentist. The fun fact is that the famous actor reportedly “grinds” his teeth – especially if he is nervous. That was the reason to visit the dentist was necessary, so Clooney got shiny veneers on his teeth. We can hardly believe that the sexiest man in the world has so much stress in his life.

3. Courtney Love

We don’t know when Courtney bought the new teeth, but it’s pretty obvious she fixed them. She may have bought them with money she received from her late ex-husband in court for unpublished material. However, she did a good job.

4. Celine Dion

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Some consider her one of the best singers in the world. However, a polished voice requires an expensive, polished mouth. Apparently, Celine Dion has fixed her teeth – so now “My Heart Will Go On” sounds much better.

5. Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage decided to kill three flies with one blow in 1984. He had two crooked teeth for a role in the movie Birdy, and then returned to the big stage with a dazzling smile.

6. Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice upgraded her elusive smile. If you look at the photos from the time when Victoria Beckham was a member of the Spice Girls – you will see that her teeth used to look much different.

7. Ben Affleck

If you look at old and new pictures – it seems that Ben used porcelain covers that lengthened his teeth. To be honest, before or after a visit to the dentist – Ben is still cute.

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Looks like Catherine’s short teeth are gone to history. She used to hide them before she added great porcelain veneers that lengthened her teeth. It’s a little strange when we look at the older photos of this star – because she really isn’t that old. The change we can spot on her – is actually her teeth.

The Bottom Line

The experience of beauty is very subjective and subject to change over time and even through various cultures. Something nice to you – doesn’t necessarily have to be nice to others. In some places, even golden teeth are considered an aesthetic – and even a status symbol. Today, the vision of aesthetics and beauty in dentistry has changed greatly. Therefore, it is very important to meet both – the functional and aesthetic requirements. Patients are increasingly aware that a beautiful smile brings them positive effects in social and professional life. Therefore, ever higher demands are placed on dentists and modern dentistry.


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