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Top Features of Instagram Web App

Instagram’s family is increasing day by day with billions of users, influencers, bloggers, and marketers using the space to create their own unique identity. It has become one of the most popular visual interactive platforms. The bloggers and influencers keep on sharing and reviewing information regarding many products so that we can connect with them. It is a visual platform where pictures and videos speak more than words. And I believe that there is nothing better than a compelling picture for connecting with the people out there.

Here are some of the top features of the Instagram app that have led to its massive fame and popularity:

Instagram Download Function

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With all that burst of data out there, it literally becomes quite tricky to keep track of your most liked photos/ videos. We all face it- recently I came across a superb makeup video tutorial on Instagram that I loved to bits but didn’t know how to save it. Another day, my mom was scrolling through her Instagram feed and found a yummy recipe video but lost the link to it. There are many instances when we like a picture, or a video posted by our favorite celebrity but don’t have a track of it afterward. Well, the best solution is to download them by using an Instagram download app.

  • So, which app is best suited for downloading the Instagram pictures and videos to your gadgets? You can try Gramvio, as it is easy to use app. You can use it on any device. Another commendable feature of the app is that you don’t have to worry about the low resolution of downloaded pictures as the photos are saved to the original size.
  • Who wants to spend and waste time on taking screenshots of images, when the Downloader app lets you do the task within seconds? It is a quicker and faster alternative to the screenshots.
  • Not only, can you save your favorite pictures in your gallery but also keep the amazing video on IGTV without losing resolution.
  • You only need to copy the link of your favorite Instagram image/ video and paste it on the app search box. Press the download button and you are done!
  • The Instagram downloader can be used for any gadget – your PC, your Mobile or any IOS device- the app is dynamic in functionality and readily designed for all device types.
  • Last but not least, you can increase your collection of Instagram pictures without any data download limitation and that too for free by using the Downloader app!

Instagram Live Video

Live video is one of the most amazing features on Instagram as it is a medium to interact with masses in real-time, especially for the bloggers and influencers – they can share a strong relationship with their followers by coming Live.

What does the Instagram Live Video offer?

  • Whenever you are living on Instagram, all of your followers will get a push notification to know it.
  • To give real-time feedback on your live video stream, your followers have the chance to like or comment on your activity
  • Marketers can come online and show their product authenticity and transparency via the Live Video session

I bet you have seen many live Instagram videos to date and most importantly, made some online purchases too!


Statistics say that almost 80% of the businesses are excelling by using video marketing techniques – the Instagram IGTV feature is a blessing for them. They can make and share videos up to an hour-long. Moreover, these videos remain saved on their profile.

Lately, the feature is becoming quite popular among content creators and bloggers too – they are playing with their creativity and innovation to bring new content for their followers every day. As a result, there is a massive increase in makeup tutorials, cooking videos, lifestyle tips, yoga classes, etc. on the Instagram app!

Stories Feature

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Do you love to share your daily updates with your friend circle? Well, Instagram provides you with the Stories feature where you can add pictures/clips of a video story on your profile. Your followers can view it for the next 24 hours – afterward, the data vanishes.

I really enjoying seeing stories from my sisters, who keeps on sharing cute little videos of her toddlers on an everyday basis – it not only refreshes me to watch them grow old but also makes me feel connected with them.

Similarly, many lifestyle influencers keep on sharing their day to day activities – eating schedules, exercise time activities, skincare routine, etc. on their stories. You can easily follow them and plan your day accordingly.


Online businesses have primarily seen a sprout during Covid-19, and Instagram has played a vital role in supporting small businesses. The shopping bags are a really useful feature introduced for the purpose.

You might have seen that your favorite model featured a brand’s product and reviewed it o her story with a shop tag on the side of her photos. Believe it or not, that is a great marketing tactic as most of us click the tag right away to see the brand product page and shop articles.

 Instagram Filters

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Who doesn’t love to post their selfies once in a while? But the ordeal is real – I usually take like 100 selfies before finalizing the perfect one! Well, Instagram’s filters have made my life easier, and I hope yours too! Now, you can use these filters to manage your pictures and photos; get as creative as you can and create your own style statement on the social space.

As the audience is highly responsive to imagery posts, it is quite simple and easy to grab massive followership using Instagram. Moreover, the digital age is shifting towards visual marketing, and Instagram is constantly evolving to provide the best features for supporting the trend of influencer marketing. I believe that due to the constant upgrading of available features, Instagram is going to become a top-ranking social media connection platform. We are going to see more genuine and authentic content on Instagram in the near future and thus, will have more data to download!

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