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Going Online? This is the Biggest Challenge for Your Businesses

Moving your business online means building a reputable and positive online presence. The next question is how to effectively leverage all advantages of an online environment so that the positive results on your business are felt immediately. Starting a website and going with your business online is only the beginning of work that multiplies over time and demands a marketing team that will create a strong online presence that supports your business development with a constructive and powerful strategy. In this way, clearly defined steps of your strategy will give you a perfect setting for going online smoothly.

In cooperation with Alpha Efficiency, we will present the solutions and how to implement them over the biggest challenge for businesses when going online.

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  • Delegating is the key to growth
  • Stay Focused on Strategic moves and set the goals
  • How we make the Right Strategy for your Business
  • Every second counts
  • The right word is the right key
  • How to overcome challenges when going online and turn them to your strongest advantage?

Delegating is the key to growth

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From our experience working with business owners, there are several difficulties, especially when establishing their enterprise. We have noticed that all of those problems are connected to the high expectations of their business success, staff, and themselves, as well. The majority of business owners are focused on sales, organization, finances, and things such as social media, blogging, e-mail marketing and growing an e-mail list, internet advertising end up in the background of their mind. Besides, very often, they forget that delegating the work might be a great chance for growing their business.

With the right strategy, an experienced digital marketing agency could resolve one of the biggest challenges for businesses when going online and help in recognizing the right customers and niche. Creating a marketing plan and setting realistic and measurable goals that will generate a greater effect on your business results is another benefit that the marketing team could bring to your business.

Stay Focused on Strategic moves and set the goals

Having a website as the only online channel is not enough. Online presence has become a set of jointed online media channels that provide visibility and recognizability for businesses and the path that leads to the right customers. In the majority of cases, businesses decide to use every known online media channel, and they do it without a plan or a predetermined goal. And this is the second biggest challenge for businesses when going online: not having a plan means not having a goal. And not having a goal leads us to the second problem of not knowing what helps you to fulfill your final aim.

How we make the Right Strategy for your Business

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Another and the biggest challenge for businesses when going online is the lack of strategic planning. This strategy should imply both a digital marketing plan and strategic website planning, and here is the recommended list of factors that we consider in a process of creating a strategic website planning and digital marketing plan.

  • Considering the current situation: Analyzing the customer and competitor positions.
  • Setting the objectives that will be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.
  • Making a plan of strategies and actions with detailed descriptions on achieving the goals.
  • Describing the method of measuring the results of our actions and defining the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Defining buyer persona
  • Starting from a basic, mostly demographic piece of information, such as the age, location, interests, income level, and coming to some more specific facts that will help the business to reframe the product or service from the perspective of the customer. All this information will lead us to better targeting of our ideal customers, better defining and using the resources for creating content for our ideal customer, and providing this content throughout the right media channels.

Every second counts

The website should be recognized as the presentation of business in an online environment. Whether the website is static or dynamic it requires constant adjustments and improvements and it should definitely fulfill the expectations of users.

However, one of the most common omissions is connected to website speed, while users do not want to wait. The metrics are relentless:

  • One in four visitors will abandon a webpage that takes more than four seconds to load.
  • 46% of users are not getting back to poorly performing and loading websites.
  • 64% of users who are not satisfied with the website visit, will choose another webshop.

The importance of site speed is also principal for SEO results, especially for Google. The faster loading webpage result will provide a better bounce rate and will make users stay longer on a certain webpage.

The right word is the right key

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An additional tool that provides a path to the right customer is choosing the right words. And this means searching for the words that customers search on their search engine.

Keyword research services are inevitable in planing your business online presence and achieving the goals from your website and digital strategies. In many ways, terms, phrases, and words will determine an online presence starting from the tone of the voice to the content that will be in accordance with the keyword plan.
The criteria we consider when we search for the right keywords:

  • The relevance of the keyword for your brand
  • The potential intention of the user when searching for the keyword (does he/she wants to buy this product or only wants to inform about it?)
  • How often is a search made for this specific word or phrase?
  • How to overcome challenges when going online and turn them to your strongest advantage?

The mentioned problems are the result of insufficient experience with digital marketing. Although the owners of businesses, especially small ones, are pretty familiar with digital marketing terminology, possibilities, and how those practices could potentially grow the business and the revenue, they still do not succeed in the implementation of knowledge into their business. And there are many reasonable reasons why this happens.

There are a variety of solutions that could help business owners to turn these problems into their strongest advantage. Yet the strongest one is Hiring an experienced digital marketing team is one of the effective solutions that are a gamechanger when you decide to go with your business online. An experienced marketing team could not only save you from a long test period but also increase your advertising budget and bring multiple benefits to your business

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