Tips on How to Grow Your Business in Brazil

Are you looking for ways and means of growing your business in Brazil? Well, this post will discuss all you need to know to achieve this objective.

Regardless of whether you are a native or a foreigner in Brazil, sometimes business growth requirements are cut across the board. In other words, you have to employ general business growth strategies to grow your work.

Additionally, you must employ strategies that align your employment with the Brazilian environment, including the cultural and ethical values of the Brazilians.

Do you know that Brasil has a population of over 210 million people? This figure tells you that this country has the potential for a successful pursuit. For this reason, it is a promising target market that can favor a business.

So, how can your Brazilian business grow? The following strategies apply:

Align Your Business With the Country’s Diverse Cultures


Brazil is host to several cultures and subcultures. These cultural divisions determine how you can conduct your work in the country. For example, each culture or subculture has unique manners and cultural values that you should consider to succeed in your pursuit.

Some of the largest cultures in Brasil are Paulistas, Minelios, Baianos, Cariocas, and Gauchos. Each of these cultures hails from a distinct region within the country.

One of the strategies you can employ to engage the providers of Portuguese translation services. Do you know that the Brazilian Portuguese language is one of the most popular languages in Brazil? If you can translate your employment content into this language, you can increase your sales and grow your work within the country.

Partner With Family Businesses

Notably, South America is home to several family-owned pursuits. Even though there are other structured companies, partnering with family pursuit is one way of growing your structured company.

The reason behind Brazil’s popular hierarchical pursuit structure is the need to manage power flow within a business. Most work has senior employees that make most operational decisions.

So, your Brazilian pursuit should consider the nature of the management of family pursuit and the primary pursuit structure. In return, you will achieve a balance between the two pursuit aspects and grow your business.

Prioritize Personal Relationships

Brazilians value personal relationships more than business relationships. This consideration is a factor that can help you collaborate with family work within the country.

To achieve this objective, look for the senior family members that make key decisions for a family business and befriend them. In return, you will align your profession with one of Brazil’s most fundamental success pillars.

The other thing that you should know is that Portuguese-speaking business people like physical meetings. In this era of video conferencing and virtual meetings, agree to remain conventional while doing professionally in Brazil. In other words, overlook technology and prioritize meeting work partners and stakeholders in person when doing a profession in Brazil.

Lastly, always stay in touch with your work partners and stakeholders when doing a profession in Brazil. You may think an initial meeting is enough to grow your work, but you are wrong. So, always schedule several in-person meetings with your Portuguese-speaking work stakeholders. If you do so, you will grow your work exponentially.

Keep Communication Flowing


Given that you must meet your Brazilian professional stakeholders constantly, small talk counts to grow your profession. So, prepare to meet your stakeholders over a cup of coffee, at street carnivals, parties, and other casual settings. In return, you will keep communication flowing and grow your relationship with your Portuguese-speaking stakeholders.

Also, be prepared to meet informally with your stakeholders. So, expect back slaps, jokes, and overlapping speeches during a professional meeting. Failure to adapt to such a lifestyle can deny you several employment opportunities in Brazil.

Notably, work culture and etiquette become less as you go South in Brazil. In other words, business formalities reduce as you continue working with people from southern Brazil.

In a nutshell, Brazilian work people do not fancy formalities when doing business. If you want to grow your business, you must adapt to this culture. Otherwise, employing tight formalities will deny you profitable work opportunities in Brazil.

Time Management

If you want to succeed when doing work in Brazil, always be in a meeting venue on time. However, expect Portuguese to be late for a work meeting. Also, always schedule your meetings ahead. If you abruptly show up to an employment meeting, Portuguese will consider you rude.

Brazilians are also never in a hurry to end a work meeting. For this reason, never rush through a meeting. Always take time to negotiate a deal—also, reserve ample time for discussing every element of a business contract.

Working Hours

Most Brazilians work from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Also, they take an hour or two lunch break.

From Monday to Friday, most Brazilian professionals operate from 9 am to 7 pm. On Saturday, most businesses operate from 9 am to 1 pm.

It is also important to note that senior members of a Portuguese professional venture report to work late. However, they may stay longer in the office than other employees.

Hire a Despachante Constantly


When doing business in Brazil, sometimes engage a Despachante (middle man). This individual helps you navigate your way through the bureaucratic employment environment in Brazil.

What is the cost of hiring a Despachante? Sometimes, this middleman charges a fixed price for all that they do for you. However, they may hike the price when an employment deal is complex.

Portuguese consider a Despachante as an individual who increases their convenience. Some Brazilians who do not have time to wait in lines hire a Despachante to perform the subject task. In return, the hirers can channel their time to other important occupation matters.

So, if you want to grow your occupation in Brazil, prepare to work with Despachante multiple times.

Dress Casually

To recap, Portuguese occupation meetings are usually informal. However, they like dressing well for a business meeting. Also, they know that work meetings require formal attire. So, always dress well when attending a work meeting, even though the settings and the behavior of the Brazilians may be informal.

Localize Your Content

Localizing your work content is one of the strategies that can help you grow your business in Brazil. Notably, Brazilian Portuguese is not similar to Portugal Portuguese. So, you need to understand the Portuguese language that Brazilians use.

Also, you must identify the sub-cultures of your target Brazilian market. Afterwards, create marketing content that matches the culture and language of your target Brazilian audience.

If you create your content in the general Brazilian Portuguese culture and language, you cannot manage to make your marketing content appealing to some Brazilians. So, engage localization service providers to shape your business content in a manner that appeals to your target Brazilian audience.

Select the Best Communication Channels


Brazilians use social media expansively. In fact, they take the fifth global position in the usage of social media. On average, each Brazilian spends 3hrs 30mins on social media. These statistics show that social media is one of the best ways to market your occupation in South America.

To help you select the best social media channel to market your business in South America, the following statistics show how Brazilians use various social media platforms:

  • YouTube (96.4%)
  • WhatsApp (91.7%)
  • Facebook (89.8%)
  • Instagram (86.3%)
  • Facebook Messenger (68.5%)
  • Twitter (51.6%)
  • TikTok (47.9%)
  • Pinterest (47.1%)
  • LinkedIn (42.6%)
  • Telegram (29.4%)

From these statistics, Brazilians use YouTube as their favorite social media channel. The least on the list is Telegram, with 29.4% of all Brazilian social media users. Nevertheless, choosing any of the listed social media channels to market your occupation can positively impact its growth.

Adopt E-Commerce

E-commerce is the future of doing business in the world. People are increasingly embracing buying and selling over the internet. Also, the widespread use of smartphones makes it easy for people to buy from wherever they are.

Notably, Brazil ranks 10th globally when it comes to having the biggest and most developed e-commerce market. This aspect depicts that most Brazilian occupations are gradually ditching the conventional brick-and-mortar occupation models and adopting e-commerce.

If you opt to overlook e-commerce and stick to the conventional ways of doing business, your business cannot grow optimally. You must use e-commerce channels to increase sales and grow your occupation in South America.

Engage Influencers

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Brazilian influencers play a significant role in the country’s business sector. Such individuals include bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities. Influencers have a large following. Whenever they endorse a product or service, their followers are highly likely to use it.

Notably, an influencer’s followers strongly support any suggestion or recommendation the influencer makes. However, you should select your influencer carefully. Any oversight on the longevity of the influencer’s fame can make your marketing efforts short-lived.

The Bottom Line

According to LatinoBridge, a language service provider (LSP), South America is a potential market for several businesses. It has a high population, and it is also a large e-commerce market. Notably, the competitiveness in the Brazilian market calls for you to use relevant and unique marketing strategies. Such a move can help your occupation grow.

After reading the discussed strategies, the choice is yours to make on the best method you can adopt to grow your business. Better still, try them all!

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