How is Cardano Different from Bitcoin – 2024 Guide

When people discuss cryptocurrencies, you will mainly hear about Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there are many more of them available on the market. One of the reasons why they are not as well-known as these two is that they don’t represent significant players. Meaning, they don’t have a big market capitalization and they don’t have a high value.

That’s why a vast majority of people are opting for investing in the two main ones. From time to time, some smaller cryptos become more important. Sadly, in 99% of situations, they return to their original place in the market. We can see countless examples of when this happened. For instance, we all know the example of Dogecoin and how quickly popular it became.

Sure, everyone was aware of the fact that this was some kind of joke. Nevertheless, Dogecoin managed to reach a respectable value when compared to other cryptos. For anyone to be able to trade with cryptos, having appropriate software is an absolute must.

If you would like to take a look at one of these, be sure to take a look at One of the smaller digital currencies that have become popular because of its performance is Cardano. Many people are unsure what to make of it. Here, we will compare it with Bitcoin, and see what we can expect from it.

Bitcoin vs. Cardano


According to some of the experts in this industry, we can hear that Cardano objectively has more quality than BTC. When you take a look at the basic level, you will see that this is just another digital currency that emerged from the blockchain system. However, we can see that this is not a solid argument that will make people believe this fact. After all, a majority of people will just take a look at the price.

The catch in this claim is that Cardano requires much less energy to perform the transactions. We all know that Elon Musk has recently said that BTC doesn’t have a future because it is not environmentally friendly. However, a couple of weeks after this statement, he said that he will invest his best efforts into making the process to be greener in the future.

For those who don’t know, the first statement hurt BTC’s price, which dropped by more than 50%. During this time, Cardano wasn’t affected at all. Even better, we can see that its price has started to increase. Today, its worth is $1.2. The peak of its value occurred back in May when others have lost a high percentage of their worth. At that time, the price was $1.5.

What are Other Differences?


Cardano’s developers claim that they had a couple of factors in mind when they were working on this project. They tried to fix a vast majority of problems that are present with other cryptos. For example, the team claimed that they had done their best at improving scalability and sustainability. At the same time, among the priorities for them was interoperability.

Although BTC and ETH are the most valuable ones on the market, that doesn’t mean that they are perfect. That’s why this new, emerging, digital currency tries to do its best to overcome these obstacles in the most efficient ways. Some experts are saying that we can expect Cardano to have much more value than the BTC in the next couple of years.

The Transactions

As you can see, there are a lot of differences between these two. But the most important one is surely the one we can see with transactions. Many people don’t know that BTC is often criticized because of its block creation protocol. Basically, it is much slower than with some other coins. Therefore, it requires more energy than them to be created.
When we’re talking figures BTC can perform 5 transactions in one second. At the same time, Cardano is much more efficient with its 257 transactions per second. Many traders wonder how this little crypto is more efficient than BTC. The secret behind its speed lies in the add-on whose name is “Hydra 2”, which had a great effect on it.

The Background

The creation of BTC is a great story. The concept was invented back in 2009. The person behind this project was Satoshi Nakamoto. Despite the name was revealed, nobody believes that this is a real person. Instead, traders tend to think that this is a pseudonym that was used by a team of developers behind this project. We are not talking about the first generation of digital currencies, this is the first one that was created.

On the other side, we have Cardano, which is categorized as a second-generation of cryptos. Those who fit within this category are known for their increased functionality, which is a great help to all other ones, including BTC. Cardano’s creator is known, the gentleman’s name is Charles Hoskinson, and he is now considered to be one of the most significant experts when it comes to digital currencies in the world.

Ethereum vs. Cardano


When we’re talking about Cardano and Ethereum, we will see that these two concepts have a lot of similarities. One of the most significant features these two share is that other cryptos can be built on their systems. That’s why we can see that many experts in this field say that the new, upgraded version of Ethereum will be even more like Cardano.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter how much they know about the concept, many traders are not aware of the fact that not all cryptos are created in the same manner, and that they have the same functionality. Here, you can see that Cardano and Bitcoin are quite different.

At the same time, we’ve pointed out some areas where the first one is considered to be way better than the father of all cryptos. We are certain that this article will help you to have a better understanding of both of these, and maybe have a say in your future decisions.

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