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How Much Does Instagram know About you?

Have you ever wondered why when you click an ad, you keep seeing that same ad or another ad similar to it whenever you are online? What about wondering how ads about your favorite book or movie niche keep appearing on your screen even when you never clicked any related ad in the past.

Ok, here is the secret, Instagram is stalking you. Well, not really a harmful kind of stalking, just collecting information about you that will help them make money from companies that want to advertise their products.
You know that the same person owns Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, right? So if you are wondering why the ad you clicked on Facebook is appearing on your Instagram, then here is your answer. These three apps and other third-party apps are compiling a chat about you. They share information about you all in a bid to understand you more and, of course, make some money.

Instagram takes the posts you like on both Instagram and Facebook, posts you comment on, the hashtags you visit, and every other relevant information about you. On messenger and Facebook, your chat with your best friend, the videos you watch and the games you play are all recorded and added to that chat they are making about you.
I suppose that you understand that Instagram has your login details too. Also, do you remember ever logging into a website using your Facebook account? Well, every activity you carry out on that website is being recorded by Facebook and will, in turn, be passed to Instagram. So yes, Instagram knows a lot about you, or Instagram thinks it knows all that there is to know about you.

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If you are wondering If Instagram sells that information, they know about you to other third-party websites? Then yes, they do, but of course, they only do that when you give your consent. Now, you are thinking that you will never give Instagram or any social media platform the permission to give out your information, right? The truth is, you might’ve done that already, unintentionally. Are you one of those people that tick the “I agree to all your terms and conditions” box without reading through what you agree with? Then, you have given Instagram your consent to share your details with third-party websites. And although Instagram will only share the information they know about you to trustworthy websites, those websites don’t know you. They are not obligated to keep the information about you private.

So now that it is evident that Instagram collects information about you and uses it to make money, let’s find out if Instagram can find your location.

Can Instagram find my location?

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If Instagram can get any information that they want about you, what makes you think that they won’t be able to pinpoint where you are located? If you log in to Instagram and your location is on, Instagram can access your location. If you decide never to put on your location whenever you log in to Instagram, well, you better be ready not to be online on Instagram if your Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi are on. Instagram can access your location through your GPS location, Wi-Fi access point, and Bluetooth connection.
Besides, when you first opened an Instagram account, Instagram took note of your IP address. So, unless you are using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to browse, then Instagram has your IP address.

Does Instagram know my bank login data?

Instagram has a checkout feature through which its users can buy products. When you enter your bank login details during a purchase, of course, Instagram gets hold of your bank login details. The good thing about Instagram checkout is that it is limited to only the citizens of the United States of America.

On the other hand, if you enter your bank details into a website that you opened using your Facebook account. Then, Facebook has your bank login details, which it will share with Instagram and Messenger. Therefore, if you have ever bought an item through Instagram or through a website that is connected to your Facebook account, then know that

Instagram has your bank login details

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What Instagram really knows about you

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Like I said earlier, Instagram knows things that you want it to know about you. This information may vary from your favorite pet shop, food store, fashion trend, and so on. I will tell you how to find out what Instagram knows about you in a few seconds.

How to know what Instagram knows about you for iOS or Android
go to your Instagram profile and click the three horizontal bars at the top of your screen.

  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Tap “Security”
  • Tap “Access Data.”
  • Tap “View all”

Finally, Instagram has some information about you, most of which they collect when you are logged into your account. Those details are given to third parties like ad companies, researchers, etc. You can, however, prevent them from giving out your details. Browse through the internet to learn how you can prevent Instagram from giving out your details.

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