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How To Find the Best Accommodation in the Biggest Cities – 2024 Guide

It goes without saying that you’ll end up paying more for the same type of accommodation in different parts of the world. This is only the case if the accommodations are located in some of the biggest cities in the world.

Metropolitan areas do have cheap accommodations, but they also have some of the most expensive ones. The difference? – Quality of stay.

Prices in the travel and accommodation industry are subjective. There are, rightfully, busy periods during the holidays or summer break where you’ll end up paying more for accommodations. This is a consistency flux in the travel and accommodation industry that people cannot seem to get their heads around. In the biggest cities, prices for hotel rooms change by the day, and sometimes even hourly. This is all based on demand and based. And demand is created based on periods. So with such subjective pricing, how would you find the best accommodations in the biggest cities?

This article will explain it all.

The internet is your best friend when it comes to traveling. This might be a cliché thing to say, but it’s true none the less. The first thing you should do is a quick Google search for the city visiting. If let’s say, you’re visiting New York, chances are you won’t want to stay in Brooklyn but rather in Manhattan. However, Manhattan is in high demand, so prices for accommodations are through the roof. If you perhaps need transportation from the airport to the hotel, know that there are many options, one of them could be hiring someone as Islip Limo. Be sure to research and plan ahead!

So, here are the things that you can do to find the best accommodations.

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1. Personally Call the Hotel

Rather than calling the 800 number, call the hotel itself. This can be your biggest help as you can personally inquire about rooms, rates, and services that they can offer. Hotels will want to attract customers all throughout the year, something that is very difficult to achieve. So, chances are, if you contact the hotel directly, you will have the best chance to get a sweet deal.

2. Use the Internet

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Websites and apps are the best sources for finding the best accommodations. Since people rarely find the accommodations’ personal website, they usually visit websites that specialize in offering hotel accommodations. One example would be, where you can find the best deals on hotels, B&Bs, and Hostels in well over 80 destinations around the world.

3. Enquire About the Total Cost

Whenever you enquire about a certain accommodation, be very specific as sometimes hotels will charge a resort fee that might not be included in the online quote. Some charge for room WiFi, some charge for using the AC, and some charge for breakfast. These are all hidden costs that we rarely find in an online quote.

4. Check With Local Tourist Offices

This is a particularly useful tip when traveling to Europe. Namely, in Europe, tourist offices are very popular and offer the best room-finding services for same-day stays. This is a trend that isn’t very popular in the United States, but there are signs that it might move toward it. These tourist offices get a daily quote from both top-class and lower-class hotels, and they sell out pretty fast.

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