How To Label Your Products For Amazon FBA

It can be really difficult to get started with FBA – Fulfilment By Amazon – when you’re an online seller. It’s even a challenge for those who actually know what they’re talking about. From buying the right packaging and shipping products to navigating the waters of how to label shipments correctly, there are plenty of questions that need to be answered.

So, with that in mind, you need to work out all you can for your labels for Amazon FBA, and we’ve got some answers to those label-burning questions of yours. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common questions that are asked about how to designate your products for Amazon FBA. Let’s dive in!

Should I Print My Labels Myself?

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Okay, so how lazy are you really feeling? You can choose to print your labels yourself, or you can pay Amazon to do it for you. However, Amazon will do it for $0.20 per item. If you’re selling hundreds of items, that can really rack up! You can check enKo website to learn about the labels you could buy to rock your shipment.

Amazon has plenty of information about the best labels to use to print them yourself. It’s far more economical this way and a dedicated printer can really speed up this process! There are plenty of sizes that you can buy to remain compatible with the templates from Amazon. With that in mind, the next question will always be…

Do I Need My Own Label Printer?

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If you’re working from home or an office printer to print your product labels, then your own printer can really make a difference. On a normal printer, they may not line up properly and yet you can buy a dedicated label printer to work with Amazon’s software so that you can print as many designs as you like that will print properly and be ready for your shipments.

When it comes to the inventory labeling process of Amazon FBA, it could be a good thing to invest in the right printer. These ones are designed specifically for them, and these can print the exact number that you need. Nifty, huh?

To be honest, it really does depend on the number of items you ship to Amazon FBA. if you don’t ship very many, it won’t be worth the investment. If you are shipping more than 20 items a week, you need to make the switch and the cost would be justified.

You’ll save time and energy here because these printers churn out up to seventy stickers a minute. Seventy! If you’re bored of standing at the printer and waiting for labels to spit out for you then you’ll love the speed of the printer. They’ll save you time and cut the worry for lining up blank ones on your label sheet.

You also won’t be running out of ink all the time as they work with thermal technology. No ink, no toner, and you spend less money per label. Surely this is a no-brainer? Buy the printer! Still confused about…

Which One To Buy?

The question of the hour – which printer do you buy for your labels? The options are wide and varied, and there are DYMO and Zebra printers that have different colors to choose from to coordinate with, and both have plenty to choose from. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ensure that you choose the right printer before you part with your cash. There are options from the DYMO to the Zebra, but it’s all personal preference and dependent on what you need for your shipment labels.

Now that you know where you can buy the best printers, you now need to know…

What Your Product Label Should Include

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Amazon should give you templates on their software for label printing, and these will detail information that can be included in them, too. This could be anything from the product number to the address of the recipient. You can download your design from the software, and this way you won’t forget anything that should be on your labels at all.

Once you know what to print, the next step is…

Where The Label Should Go On The Product

When you place the label, you want it in view, on a smooth surface and away from the curves and openings of the box. Keep it straight so that it can be scanned easily. Keep them visible and not hidden – you don’t want to be that seller who can’t make life easy for the delivery guys!

There are plenty of options for labeling your products for Amazon FBA, and you should ensure clarity, information, and visibility are all there. Labeling is important for both your inventory and your customers, so do your research about the perfect printing machines and labels, and get the software downloaded. Your customers are relying on you!

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