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How to Replace your Roof Properly

When doing a major overhaul or complete remodeling and repair of your home, replacing your roof is arguably one of the most complicated and important processes. While a roof replacement is not something that will completely change the look of your home from the outside, you will realize that it is crucial if you want to create a safe environment inside of your home.

With the fail of a roof, you are risking almost everything that is inside of your house. If it fails it may crash onto a lot of valuable stuff you have inside such as your recently remodeled kitchen, your TV, your expensive computer or even you or your family. And the worries of an old roof do not end there. There is also the risk of water leaking to the inside of your home damaging everything that it touches. Causing mold to build on your beds, your furniture or even your clothes which will make them completely unusable.

This is why we recommend to everyone who is planning a house remodel to move a part of the budget that will only be focused on the roofing of your home. It definitely is something that you should take very seriously.

Form your budget based on roofing materials

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What you will choose for the next time you replace your roof completely depends on the budget you have set aside for it and the availability of items you can find in the hardware stores near. Of course, it will also depend on what your taste and what you will finally choose.

However, when you buy new shingles you will also have to consider the protection features that come with them. For example, if you live in more southern locations on the planet where the sun can get scorching hot which can make your home a living hell through the summer days you can consider getting heat insulated and fire resistance.

Asphalt shingles

These are probably the most common type of shingle you will see around your neighborhood as they are the cheapest and can be found basically anywhere. While they may be great for your wallet, they certainly do not offer the best possible look, so if you are the type of person that really cares for the aesthetics of your home, you should definitely consider the other types.

Wood shingles

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Thin pieces of wood that are used to protect from any kind of weather during all seasons. While these might be great all-around and can provide you with the best aesthetic look, they can be a bit pricey which might be out of your budget range. After you have made the calculation of all the costs for your ceiling repairs.

Keep in mind, they can be pretty unsafe for regions that constantly have fire dangers throughout the summer season as wood can burn easily.

Metal shingles

Depending on where they are used they can either be made from aluminum (more common) or from steel. They have become a popular choice for a lot of people these last couple of years because they have been proven as a great option that does not have to take too much from your pocket. They definitely are the most durable type of shingles you can buy and is completely fireproof. You can read more here about the benefits of metal shingles and why they are a great option for roofing in Los Angeles.

When we mentioned that this is a cheaper option, we should also note that the installation is actually a lot pricier than other solutions, but their long-lasting durability makes them much more cost-effective. The only con we think is worthy of mentioning is that if you do not have good enough sound isolation on the ceiling of your home, they can be pretty loud during rain, snow or hail.

Clay or ceramic

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This is probably the oldest type of roofing, we as humans have ever used. It predates from centuries ago and it is used even to this day because it offers a lot of protection, sound isolation and can be completely fireproof. They are also pretty cheap to get, so you will not have to worry about that if you go with this option.

Although, they can be pretty heavy which is why a lot of people avoid using them because they put a lot of weight on top of your ceiling. You should check your house’s blueprints or with the architect who built it whether the pillars of the house will be able to withhold such weight, as stated by Fusion Roofing.

The only complaint we have about clay tiles is that they can be pretty fragile. They can easily break from vibration while they are being transported or while you are setting them up on top of your house.

Should you add a second layer or tear off the layer?

While it was pretty common in the past to add one or two layers more over the existing layer for more water protection, it is actually prohibited in most places today. So, we recommend that you check the rules in your city whether you will be able to add a brand new layer of shingles or tiles over your old one. Or if you are even allowed to keep the old one based on the most recent regulations.

Even if you are legally allowed to add a brand new layer over the first one, you should also consider whether the cost-per-performance will be worth it.

If you are using asphalt shingles, there is a good chance that a second layer may simply make your roof too heavy for the framing under it. This can cause serious structural instability which may cause problems in the near future.

However, we should also mention that a lot of people believe that a double layer or even a triple one is lighter than the clay tiles people used in the past. Especially the half-barrel ones which were more than 10 inches long.

Consider hiring a professional to replace your roof, should you feel the task is too difficult. Ask to see proof of insurance when hiring. A professional roofing company such as FarmerBrown should be able to provide you with proper roofing insurance.

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