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How To Shop Excluding Taxes – Online Shopping Guide For Beginners 2023

Online marketplaces have become very popular in the past decade, and it looks like they just keep getting more and more attention as we go into each next year. Why are they so preferred over the traditional shopping method that you can do at any store in your living area? Well, online marketplaces usually offer things that are unavailable in our countries, or they have products that are much lower in price compared to the ones we have in our local shop.

There is one small “problem” however, and that’s paying taxes. We might be able to find our product for a much lower price online, but when we add the value of the tax into the price, it looks like we end up paying even more than if we were to purchase it from here.

Luckily, we have some marketplaces that allow us to purchase without paying the US Sales Tax, and that’s very useful for someone who’s living on the other side of the world but really wants to purchase a product from way over there. Let’s take a look at some interesting things.

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The “No Physical Address Trick”

One of the oldest “loopholes” in the system regarding the sale-tax paying thing is to make sure that your company has no physical address registered. How does this even matter? Well, if the company you’re purchasing from is registered that it’s in the US, and you’re purchasing from the US as well, you have to pay the sales tax since that’s what the law there requires you to do.

Now, if the company doesn’t have a physical address registered, your purchase can count as “out of state, therefore you can avoid paying the sales tax.

Purchasing from well-known “no-tax” marketplaces

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Paying the sale-tax is quite annoying, especially on more expensive products, and if you are a person who shops regularly from the internet, this can add up quite quickly into a pretty large expense. Luckily, we have marketplaces such as ShiptoBox from where you can purchase and get your product delivered on your doorstep without any additional taxes or extra expenses.

There are many reputable no-tax shops that are working for more than a decade now, so feel free to do research and get more informed on this topic.

What else should I know about online shopping?

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When it comes to online shopping, the most important thing is always to try and see what kind of reputation the website that you’re purchasing from has. If you see that a lot of customers are having problems with the service, the products, or even the delivery time, you might want to avoid that one. If everyone is satisfied and the marketplace itself has a high reputation, feel free to choose it as the right one.

Also, since many of these shops are situated in different parts of the world, you might want to compare prices from one to another, so that you can see if a product is cheaper someplace else. If you can get it for less money, why not? Even if its ten bucks, it’s still money that you can save, so make sure you do that.

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