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Why is India a Popular Outsourcing Destination for Software Development?

Software development outsourcing is common with large businesses and small-scale startups alike. This is because of the number of unbeatable benefits delivered by third-party business partners. Out of the countries that many businesses choose to outsource, India is preferred by a large number of them. Smart delegation of software development work to vendors has always proved to be a prudent move for businesses. For the client, before committing to software development outsourcing, they must take care of a few factors and exercise a few cautions to get the best results. Some of the most important things to do before outsourcing software development work are explained below.

The following are the reasons for companies preferring to outsource their software development requirements to India:

Experienced Talent Pool

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In India, more than 200,000 software graduates are added to the world-class talent pool of IT professionals every single year. Most companies prefer outsourcing software development to India since it is one of the biggest hubs for skilled IT professionals in the world. With around 3 million people employed every year in the IT industry, the experience-rich talents are well-trained in handling requirements of both small-scale and large-scale industries. This makes it a no-brainer for companies to choose Indian software outsourcing companies.

Inexpensive Service Costs

Foreign companies choose outsourcing software development to India since they benefit not only in terms of high-quality professional service but also in terms of cost-effectiveness. Since there is a notable income gap between India and western countries, choosing Indian outsourcing companies saves money for the clients. Furthermore, the client will not have to worry about HR activities like insurance, paid leaves, or employee training, etc.

Language Advantage

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India has the second-largest population in the world and a sizeable majority of the population is fluent in English. With over 100 million Indian nationals speaking English, it removes all the language barriers for western countries from choosing to outsource software development to India. Since seamless communication is a priority, India stands apart with experienced IT professionals skilled in speaking English proficiently. This makes it easier for the client to communicate their expectations and get their requirements covered.

Focus on Primary Responsibilities

The in-house employees of the client companies can focus on their primary tasks of meeting critical targets to help their company grow. By outsourcing software development to Indian third-party companies, they can focus on their primary tasks better. In fact, knowing that the secondary task will be well addressed gives them the peace of mind to focus on primary tasks.

Sufficiently Equipped

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India is well-equipped with robust and advanced infrastructure which are needed to successfully complete the software development requirements of the clients. They have the highest number of ISO-certified third-party service companies that ensure enhanced quality services. Additionally, all Indian companies keep upgrading their infrastructure.

All in One

According to flatworldedge, companies choose outsourcing software development to India, they get a plethora of services to choose from, all under one vendor. The clients will not have to reach out to multiple companies to get tasks such as marketing, analyzing, web development, e-commerce site development, designing, etc. All these IT services will be conveniently provided with top-notch quality by the same vendor.

The IT industry is ever competitive and requires companies to stand apart to be impactful. Indian software development companies provide the overall support required to gain an edge over the competitors. The combination of uncompromising quality, affordable prices, and impressive software development capabilities, provide businesses the right platform for rapid business growth.

Setting unambiguous goals and objectives

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There’s no room for ambiguity whatsoever regarding the project scope and the objectives of the client to outsource the job. Clearly defined project goals make it a lot easier to find the ideal software development partner who can do full justice to the job and deliver the intended results. For this, there has to be extensive research on the project dynamics and identification of the strong areas as well as bottlenecks.

Planning the budget

All businesses and organizations have a certain budget for every project and the work has to be completed within that. The same applies to software outsourcing development companies and setting the right budget is critical to the success of the project. However, one need not necessarily go with the vendor quoting the lowest price and compromise the job quality. Price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor while choosing a vendor and when there are budget constraints, the client should go for a solution that offers the right balance of cost and quality.

Looking for experienced vendors

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If the vendor chosen for the software development outsourcing job has proven expertise in successfully handling similar projects in the past, like Saigon Technology, it’s an assurance for the client about the quality that they can expect. Reputed vendors are aware of potential project roadblocks and are well-equipped to handle those. The client should have a word with the current and past clients of the vendor to get a clear idea of its quality and reliability.

Facilitating unhindered communication:

For the success of the project, open communication between the vendor team and the client team is of paramount importance. Before green-lighting the deal, the client and the vendor should mutually agree on the project management tool that’s going to be used to track work progress and monitor essential metrics. Also, the vendor project manager should be in constant touch with the client team and update them on all developments as the project progresses.

Setting realistic milestones

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Both stakeholders should be careful while setting project milestones and ensure not to go overboard with expectations. Since milestones highlight the success of the project in terms of quantifiable data, there should be time-bound KPIs and backup plans in place to ensure the unhindered progress of the project. Setting unrealistic goals has many undesirable consequences including team and individual demotivation, deadline violation, budget constraints, and straining business relationships.

Eliminating language and cultural obstacles

Linguistic and cultural compatibilities, it can be disastrous to the project. This is why countries like India have emerged as the global outsourcing hub since English is a commonly spoken language there.

Today, all global and local businesses are embracing software development outsourcing for benefits like low costs, fast delivery, quality work, and reliable support. But since starting on such an engagement isn’t always easy, particularly for first-time clients, the above points should be treated as standard guidelines.

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