5 Simple Ways To Make Your Instagram Posts Look More Professional

It has been a long time since social media platforms have only served for people to meet and talk to each other. When they first appeared some decade and a half ago, these services were so much different than they are today. The differences however do not deal with just the general premise and the use. The look, feel, features, and capabilities of social media platforms changed numerous times over and they went from being social hubs for meeting and sharing simple content t multi-billion dollar conglomerates or subsidiaries that can give the users a chance to lift their own businesses off the ground. One of the most popular platforms like this is certainly Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook and a part of their recent rebranding under the new umbrella company, Meta.

At its core, Instagram started its life as a rather simple app that people used for a very strict reason. All you could do back in the day was post pictures and the people who follow your account could like and comment on it. There were no messages and stories, and all images had to be cropped to squares. This greatly limited what you could do. Of course, the overall look of the app was very different as well as it’s color palette and icons. Fast forward to 2023 and the app is used by hundreds of millions of people each and every day, many of whom take great care of their posts and feed. As mentioned, it can help you earn and elevate your internet presence like no other. If you want to learn how to make your posts more professional so that you get more likes, comments, and followers, keep reading the article.

1. Use a Template for Your Posts


One of the best and certainly most straightforward ways to make every post look better and be more successful is to use a template. Templates in the online world are very useful because oftentimes the users lack the time and imagination necessary to make a post as good and unique as it needs to be. Templates come equipped with so many things that can be customized and changed according to what you need. Once you find the perfect mix you can stick with it for a time, or forever. Whether it is a combination of filters, the same frame for all pictures, or certain edit effects and fonts, you can do it all. Some templates even allow you to pick what to post in the caption or to tag others. Templates are not only time savers but also the thing you will surely need if you want your whole Instagram experience to be more professional and yield more success. To find out more about templates as well as to check out one of the best on the market, make sure to visit Mojo-App.

2. Adjust Camera Settings and Take Quality Photos

Instagram is still mostly about photo content because it is what made it famous as well as the form of media people share the most. If you want professionalism on your account with every post, you should only share photos that are of high quality. To do that, you must know the camera settings both the ones on your phone and those that Instagram has. There are many things to play with until you figure out the best combination. Some of the crucial tips include avoiding overexposed photos, not using the flash, and never relying on autofocus alone. The resolution and quality of the pictures you take should already be high before you start editing them in the app with filters and effects. Without doing so, they will never attract as much attention and stop people to view them for longer while they are scrolling through the app. If your phone is not satisfactory, you can always take snaps with a DSLR camera and then upload photos to the phone.

3. Mind the Lighting


The lighting is everything when you are taking photographs, and the light can come from three sources. It can either be natural light from the direct sun or daylight. It can be artificial light from lamps, in which case it should be selfies or ring lights since they are meant for taking better photos in darker environments. Finally, you can use light patches, also known as natural or artificial light beams used to take special photos of greater artistic value. All in all, light either makes or breaks a photo even if you make sure to edit everything around it perfectly. Always look for more lighting with your snaps and approach the thing you want to document from different angles until you find the best one. We promise you that you will spend less time editing the photos if you learn to utilize the light. The posts themselves will also be more successful because the users love a well-lit snap no matter what it is.

4. Take Care of the Color Palette

Combining the colors that go with each other will not only result in a good Instagram post but also make sure that your entire home page feed is in unison and in agreement. The best and most successful Instagram accounts are owned by users who are trying to make a name for themselves and earn from their Instagram activity. They devote a lot of attention to each post, but also their entire profile as a whole. If you ensure that your account has a theme that is present in every post, you will capture the imagination and attention of your followers much more easily as they will know what to expect but still be surprised.

5. Play with Depth, Angles, and Space


Taking photos that are ordinary and usual is no fun. While you will often need to take a regular photo where a wider snap is needed, oftentimes it is much better to focus on a single area and change the depth of the photo, the angle at which you take the snap, and use the space in new ways. Doing so is difficult and tends to not make much sense at first. However, soon, you will realize that taking beautiful and interesting photos is not just talent but skill and experience while making Instagram posts is an art form on its own.

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