Advantages of investing on Independent Houses in 2023

Frequently, an accepted rule for a house buying is choosing a property at a magnificent location. Choosing a better location would give better admiration for your investment. While some choose for apartments, others like independent houses. Typically, properties having exorbitant rates in metros force most homebuyers to gaze at apartments as their favored choice. These come somewhat reasonable than independent property which can be in the form of a villa or a variety of floors built on a plot. While it is common information that the latter comes at a cost, there are some marked differences between the two.

Some of the below-mentioned differences to assist you to make your purchasing decision easy and know flat or house which is a better choice for you.

At the time of purchasing

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Amenities come at a cost: While an apartment property comes with extra values, such as safety, adequate parking spaces, fire safety mechanism, and water systems in place, power back-up, an independent property necessitates additional effort for setting up of these services. This would also consist of an extra cost. It is estimated that one needs to spend two to three percent of the total property value on these facilities around an independent villa property. This would include setting up of tiny power back-up in the form of a generator set or an inverter, and your water device. Security will remain a restraint. If your villa is situated in a colony, the residents can form a welfare association which can then take care of the safety and other such problems.

On the other hand, in an apartment society, the developer offers all these in advance for the first 2 to 3 years. Afterward, the management of services is taken over by the welfare association.


If you are purchasing the property by taking a home loan, it is simpler to get the loan for an apartment than an independent property. Lending banks frequently make a list of sanctioned projects where a buyer can get his loan approved easily. But, banks sanction loans for independent properties only after stern scrutiny of borrowers. The lending is hard in the case of independent properties also due to the share of unaccounted cash constituent. Moreover, it is hard to determine the worth of independent property.

In case you plan to purchase a plot

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Be aware of the fact that banks in India provide only sixty to seventy percent of the total plot value. You will have to place the rest of the amount, including that for the registration charges and stamp duty. But, banks do offer construction loans in addition to this amount.

In case purchasing an under-construction property

Choose to purchase a property that is under construction. There are issues. But, the problems decrease severely when you invest in an apartment project. In case you plan to purchase a plot and then build the house property on it, it would be a long, awkward and strenuous task at hand to build the property. But, here you would have the benefit of building the property in a particular amount of time. In comparison, in an apartment project, you will be at the developer’s compassion whether or not he wishes to finish the project on time. Poor economic situation, cash crunch, poor sales, and the rising cost of raw materials and labor sometimes hit developers’ revenues, resulting in construction delays. Under construction, properties are good to go if you plan them for your retirement, but proper research before investing is always advised.


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Maintenance cost: Your work does not stop here. Once you begin living in your own house, the property needs steady efforts for cleanliness, maintenance, and repair and construction. However, it has been observed that the cost of maintaining an independent house is more than that necessary for an apartment property, as the maintenance is taken care of by the society’s welfare association in an apartment project. Due to the pooled resources in a residential complex, the cost of services reduces drastically. These services take little time than that necessary in an independent property like a bungalow.

Saleability: Among all the asset classes, property as an asset class takes more time to resell. And the task might turn out to be a Herculean one if it is an independent property. Industry calculates suggest that apartments are now more in demand. Even Tier-II cities are experiencing such developments. Developers are now bringing apartment projects with a blend of plotted developments. If you plan to sell your property at a later stage, it would be simpler to sell an apartment. In apartments, two and three-bedroom apartments are the most active.

Thus, if you plan to purchase property, do your research on these parameters. While you might select one option, always consider that there is no particular time for property investment. So do not wait for it.

Benefits of the independent house for sale in Delhi, India

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As job opportunities have been springing up in Delhi, India’s residential spaces have become an essential amenity for individuals to stay here and individual houses particularly have become a great demand. Being the second top realty destination after Mumbai, it has been offering a superb and dependable housing project which has made investors from in and around to invest in Delhi.

Apart from investing in flats and villas such as 2 BHK flat in Delhi, India investing in an independent house for sale in Delhi has been a major benefit, as these have solitude to enjoy living and owning. This has made these homes sell like trendy properties in the city. Individual houses not only guarantee a fine lifestyle but also gives you good returns shortly.

Some of the pros of owning an independent house for sale in Delhi, India:

  • Getting an individual house promises a person to have equity build-up for a long run
  • Liberty to select your designs for your homes
  • If you own an individual house you can enjoy a trouble-free and independent living
  • Enhanced tax reduction on interests and property tax in loan payments.
  • You are guaranteed to have a secure and safe living
  • No rental payments and charge of purchasing houses are fixed and stable.

So, instead of investing in 2 BHK flat in Delhi, India you can go ahead and invest in the independent houses for sale.

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