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IPL Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Looking nice is one of the goals that all men and ladies have today. Of course, improvement of physical look has been more characteristical for ladies for a while. Yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t find men that are following certain rules and standards.

The improvement of physical appearance is possible in many different ways. For instance, people often decide on going to the gym. Being in a good shape always looks attractive to people. Despite that, a regular workout always boosts the confidence of people that makes them even more attractive.

Despite that, people would decide on purchasing modern pieces of clothes. They would follow the latest fashion trends, wear the same clothes as their role models, etc.

However, there is one thing that more and more ladies are deciding on. They are using different types of hair removal to improve their look to the fullest. Fortunately for them, 21st century is the period where everything is evolving. That especially counts when we talk about technology. In today’s world, there are a couple of types of lased hair removal that ladies gladly decide on. Yet, in this article, we would like to talk more about IPL hair removal.
People often think IPL is a type of laser. On the other hand, others believe that the technology can be used interchangeably. Laser and IPL technologies are both light assist-based. However, there is a difference that people should know. Because of that, you may want to visit this site and find out the main differences, methods, risks, and results. In this article, we will focus more on IPL hair removal. There are a few things you should put into consideration before deciding on that move.

Before Everything – What Is IPL

There are probably some people that do not even know what IPL treatment is. First of all, IPL is an acronym that stands for intense pulsed light. The treatment itself is multi-practical because people use it for different purposes. Of course, the hair removal method is the most popular around the world. However, experts use them for the improvement of skin pigmentation and texture, removing spider veins, etc. Despite that, the treatment can also be good for acne reduction. In other words, it is an excellent option for people that want to improve their physical look.

The Way IPL Works

The way how IPL works is simple to understand. The dermatologist uses a handheld flashgun and passes it across the skin. In that way, it delivers the necessary spectrum of light that directly targets the melanin. The same lights go through the skin all the time until it strikes the hair root. Keep in mind that hair root is the place where our body stores the highest level of melanin. In that way, the light absorbs the bull and damages the papilla that is responsible for hair production. We are sure the beginners will understand here everything as well.

The Length of Treatment

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You probably think the treatment lasts for a long period. If that’s the case, we need to say you are wrong. The treatment usually lasts between 15 and 60 minutes. For instance, leg hair removal usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. On the other hand, if you want to remove the hair with bikini lines, that treatment will last around a quarter an hour. Of course, all these numbers count if you choose the expert to collaborate with. People with less experience may need a bit more time to complete the process.

Will IPL Hair Removal Hurt?

There is no need to be afraid of IPL hair removal procedures. Patients often describe the pain as a small pinging on the skin. You will also experience a warm feeling during the process. However, we guarantee it won’t hurt you a lot. The first treatment is probably going to be the toughest one until you get used to it. However, after that, the level of pain will reduce together with the amount of hair. Compared to laser hair removal, it is less painful. That may be a useful comparison that will describe things promptly.

When Will the Results Become Visible?

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Different factors influence the answer to that question. It primarily depends on the area of hair removal. However, it also depends on the color and thickness of your hair. Keep in mind that your hair will start to shrivel during the treatment. In the next two or three weeks, you can expect to see your hair begins to shed.

In areas under your arms usually shows the fastest results. On the other hand, you will have to be a bit more patient if you remove the hair from your legs or in the bikini lines.

However, there is a common answer we could provide you with. The results are often visible immediately after your hair starts to regrow. Yet, the results are not going to be as you imagine. The hair becomes a bit patchy, and that is the reason why you need to go through a couple of sessions to make the areas hair-free.

Are There Any Risks?

Believe it or not, the IPL treatment exists for more than 20 years. Since then, neither of the studies confirmed the treatment can be risky. Indeed, UVB and UVA light rays can be hazardous for your overall health. The good news is that these rays are not even used during the treatment. Despite that, the usage of ultraviolet light also doesn’t exist. Because of that, the DNA of your cells is not going to experience damage.

Will I Get Rid of Hair Permanently?

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The precise answer to that question does not exist. It directly depends on the area you want to treat as well as your personal characteristics. In most cases, you will have to go through four treatment processes to get the results you are expecting. However, in some cases, you may need to go ten sessions top to reach the same goal.

Getting rid of hair permanently is not something you can expect to happen. As we said, IPL only attacks active follicles. It may happen that you will have to deal with some hair follicles later as well. However, you can be sure you will have 90% less hair than before. Despite that, the remaining hair will grow back a lot slower.

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