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Is Architecture your New Calling?  How to Prepare and Plan for NATA

Architecture is known as both arts as well as a science creating extraordinary building designs and other physical structures. Architecture is all about making places designed in a perfect way so that people can spend their entire lives over there in an enriched way. The role of Architects does not only mean designing the exterior and interior design of a building. But it is about creating a welcoming environment as well.

In case you are among the ones who are passionately dedicated to becoming the next Frank Gehry (a well-known Canadian-born American architect), then you must appear for the NATA test. The Score of NATA is essential for taking admission in various colleges both Government, as well as Private Government offering a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. NATA exam is thus the basis to select candidates for admission to Architecture courses. Want to know more about NATA? Click here.

What is the NATA Eligibility Requirements?

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To get admission in reputed Architecture institutes, one needs to take NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) test. Various architecture colleges and universities conduct the admission process through this entrance test. Students from the arts and commerce streams must apply for the test to secure to pursue courses in Architecture.

  • To become qualified for the NATA test 2024, the candidates must have secured at least 50 percent overall in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Also, a total of 50 percent aggregate score at 10+2 level is essential.
  • Candidates must have passed 10+3 diploma with Mathematics and securing 50% marks are also eligible.
  • Students who have appeared in 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the main subjects are also eligible. However, they will be eligible only if they cater to the above criteria.
  • The total marks cannot be rounded off, in case the candidates have secured 49.9% marks in their qualifying exam then the total marks would be counted as 50%.
  • There is no lower age limit to appear in NATA. However, the candidate has to meet the minimum age criteria specified by the respective Authority.
  • NATA Scores are valid for 1 year from the date a candidate appeared for the NATA exam.

Most of the institutes follow an admission process which is completely merit-based. The required marks obtained by the students in NATA and also in board examinations are considered at the time of admission. Based on the required marks so obtained, the seats will then be allotted to the deserving candidates.

What are the benefits of choosing Architecture as a profession

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  • An Architect is an inventor who loves making and designing new gadgets. An architects’ job is to design new buildings.
  • Becoming architecture is a very satisfying profession allowing the professionals to transfer their concepts on paper. Later it can result in the creation of the real buildings.
  • Doing a course in architecture is a lot of fun, and unlike the traditional colleges where you need to sit in the study halls and libraries. It doesn’t involve excessive reading and writing all the time.
  • A course in Architecture is quite different as it allows the learners to use the right side of your brain and be more creative with their thoughts. The students after qualifying NATA will come across various lucrative opportunities where their creative skills will get the exposure.
  • By becoming architecture, you will get a high paying job. Post completing the course, you can get appointed by the large firms. As compared to many other fields, Architects will allow you to earn a lot more money.
  • Architecture is studying the designs, structures, etc. While studying Architecture, the students will get exposure to various sectors like Art, History, Material Science, Physics, Engineering, etc.
  • Almost anything and everything will be taught in the classes that aimed at improving the living environment of human beings. Architecture is one of those fields of study that attract the most creative minds in the world.
  • An Architect’s role is the most challenging but enjoyable as well, imaginable. Every building is different and every project is different, so it will need different skills. The thrill and the challenge of doing work are unique for each of the projects.
  • In case you are the kind of guy who loves to work with their hands, then Architecture is the best profession for you. In the architecture course, the learners will get a chance to work using their hands, and it’s not just about reading and writing all the time.
  • Students will get hands-on experience while completing the assignments. Building scale models, taking surveys, talking to people, are the role and responsibilities of the architectures.
  • Architecture might sound like getting involved in a typical 9 to 5 office job, but it is not true. Even as a student of Architecture, you will get exposure to live assignments. If you are looking for a practical base then it’s a great profession which will allow you to travel a lot for designing new buildings. Just decide to get an architecture degree and be ready to get exposed to a long and illustrious history of man-made wonders in the world.
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Besides, there are many other benefits of doing a B.Arch course, which is best for the 12th pass out students. Earlier the B. Arch course was limited for the science students only, but now the architecture course is available for all. Even Commerce and Arts graduates can become successful architects.

CoA (Council of Architecture) is the regulatory body for Architecture education in India. It conducts NATA test. The test aims to select the qualifying students for B. Arch courses offered by the renowned government and private colleges and universities located in India.

There are a few ways to become an architect, but getting a degree in the subject is probably the best way. By becoming a successful architect, one can look forward to one of the most satisfying jobs in the booming marketplace.

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