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7 Keys to Optimal and Healthy Living

The life of the XXI century man has changed, due to the general globalization of the planet, which has revolutionized our entire environment: information, fashions, trends, technology, travel, migrations … Life has accelerated, and we have the perception that time passes faster and there is no time at all. We do not have time, to eat as before, slowly and with the family, while chatting at the table. To enjoy quality time with friends. And because we don’t have, we don’t even have time for ourselves. All this and over time we deteriorate. So following are keys to optimal and healthy living.


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Food is the first and most important point for a healthy life. And nowadays, this is a major problem.
We eat a lot and badly. A lot, because with half the calories we ingest daily we would have more than enough, consequently the obesity index. Bad because what we eat, we don’t eat well, we eat a lot of protein of animal origin, a lot of fats, a lot of carbohydrates and we have to change to eat less of the above and more vegetables and fruits. Also, do not forget the importance of the digestive system. This system has the greatest impact on our immunity. If you have problems, Tonic Natural Health Center has designed a special The Gut Healing Formula, which will significantly improve your condition within a few weeks.


Exercising is essential. Food and exercise are the two basic pillars of a healthy life, the two must go together, as they complement each other. Miracle diets, without proper eating habits and exercise do not work, which is why people who undergo special and miraculous diets fail and return to them again and again, spending time and money.

You have to exercise 4 days a week, and at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise, with an intensity appropriate to the physical condition of each person.

With exercise we improve our cardiopulmonary condition. Given the demand for oxygen from the muscles, the heart pumps more blood, providing oxygen and nutrients not only to the muscles but to the entire organism, increasing our health, both physical and mental. With exercise we achieve elasticity, joint improvement, weight control, cardiopulmonary improvement, resistance to diseases, reduce anxiety and tension, and endless benefits, which together with adequate nutrition will maintain and improve our health and well-being.

Stress control

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Stress is the body’s response to any physical, mental, or social demand. Stress is positive when we react appropriately, and it is necessary to face everyday situations. Today with our way of life in societies that are supposed to be fast, we are subjected to endless stimulus and aggressions, both physical and psychological, that we are not able to control, or that we are so alert to have life and our environment under control, they end up exhausting our defenses and that’s when excess stress arises. Stress is the disease of our time, a silent disease with no apparent symptoms, which is gradually undermining our body and mind. When we realize it, it manifests with more varied symptoms and diseases, since it can produce any disease: heart attacks, stomach ulcers, cancer, depression … in short, it depresses our immune system, and we can develop any disease.

That’s why proper stress management is so important. We will achieve this by dedicating more time to ourselves and our circumstances: exercise, going out to the fields, mountains, beaches, spending more time with family and friends and spending more time with ourselves: breathing, relaxation, reading, in short, our personal hobbies.

Risk factors

It is necessary to have under control, or avoid them, a series of risk factors. Alcohol, take it in moderation or avoid it, because, in the long run, it will harm us. Tobacco, for the damage it does to our lungs, and to the rest of the body in general since it does not oxygenate well due to the decrease in lung capacity, in addition to other more serious diseases that it can cause.

Also, since smoking is now prohibited indoors and in many other places, it is best to quit.

Hypertension is another factor that must be controlled and that if not done in the long run will cause heart problems. Obesity, we must control our weight, not for aesthetics, but for health, since excess weight, in the long run will bring us problems like diabetes, circulatory, and respiratory problems.

Regular check-ups

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We have to do regular medical check-ups, tests and another series of examinations, to see the state of our health. It seems unbelievable how little we care about our health, we do regular checks on the car, as well as when it has something wrong that we immediately change it, we keep it clean and in good condition. If we did the same as the car with the health of our body and mind, we would be healthy. So let’s treat ourselves at least like our car.

Environmental factors

There are a number of factors, which are important for our health and which, because they are in our environment, often go unnoticed and we do not pay them due attention. Control cold and heat with the means we have today, apart from for health, for comfort. Dusty environments, CO2 from cars, heating. Solar radiation, protect ourselves against them due to the weakness of the ozone layer that lets more ultraviolet rays pass, harmful to the skin. Sound and light pollution. In short, factors that apart from influencing our health, having them under control gives us comfort for our daily life.

Mental activity

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Mental activity is the cognitive process of knowledge about things. These processes must be maintained and promoted at all times of life, in childhood and youth, to enhance the brain and knowledge and in maturity to prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Reading, cinema, television, learning new things, being up-to-date on new technologies … Maintaining curiosity about life and our environment.

Mental activity, together with an adequate physical activity is ideal since the body and the mind are united and one does not work without the other. If the body does not work, the mind deteriorates and vice versa.


Take care of yourself, because you only have one body that should serve you as much as possible, and in that way, you have a quality life. Because it is not only the lifespan that is important but how long a quality life lasts.


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