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Looking to Improve Your Garden With Some Rattan Furniture?

Furniture made of rattan is becoming more and more popular, especially here in the UK. Rattan gives a rustic, tropical look to furniture in a similar way to vime. However, it doesn’t have that “darker” look vime furniture usually has. Rattan ones tend to be lighter and have a more welcoming feeling, which is exactly why it is taking over the market nowadays.

The tropical and rustic look is due to how they are made and from where they come from. Rattan is made from vegetal fibers extracted from a type of palm tree called Calamos Rotang, which is native to Asia and Oceania. The skin of the plant’s vines is peeled, dried, and then woven around a wood or aluminum frame to create the furniture. It is very sturdy and comfortable.

However, natural rattan is not exactly ideal for outdoor environments, such as a garden. Direct exposure to sunlight and rain and make it wear out quickly, meaning the furniture will get uglier and weaker. They don’t last long in these conditions. Due to that, furniture companies either apply some kind of treatment to the fibers (such as varnish) or use plastic strands (polyethylene or vinyl) instead of the fibers, weaving it around the frames in a similar way.

What About The Price?

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When you read “becoming more and more popular”, you probably got worried about the price, right? As with any fad, rattan furniture is quite valued nowadays, meaning it normally is rather expensive. If you are looking for garden furniture that uses genuine rattan fiber, it will be even worse, as it requires some more treatment to be able to withstand the outdoor environment.

However, it is currently more valued shouldn’t have to deter you from having its beauty decorating your gardens. For you who are looking to improve your garden with some rattan furniture, to make it more cozy and comfortable for your friends and family, while also looking for lower prices, White Stores is the perfect place for you.

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White Stores is a company dedicated to selling outdoor furniture of many kinds, and rattan furniture is not an exception. The company offers furniture of the best possible quality at the lowest possible price, so not only it is beautiful, but also durable and affordable. All of the furniture is waterproof and woven to aluminum frames (meaning it is not only strong but also rust-proof), and available in both natural and synthetic rattan.

In the White Stores website, you can take a look at the wide range of products they have available, as well as learn more about their rattan furniture, such as its quality, in their “buying guides” section. They also have great customer support and physical stores, so you can check out the furniture for yourself.

In addition, to get a further discount you can check VoucherButler a UK discount website. Do not let prices keep you from having the garden of your dreams!

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