How To Make A Modern Living Room Look More Traditional?

Modern rooms are equipped with modern furniture and appliances that make a living easier but having a modern living room with a traditional look can be the ideal way to make perfect use of resources and space. Also, it looks more aesthetic and peaceful. Modern rooms with a traditional look are the perfect combination for having a warm and comfortable living room environment with modern features and facilities. If you are looking for traditional living room ideas, then head on to this website for the best traditional interior decorations ideas for your living room.

Ideas to make a modern living room look more traditional


1. Use warm colors in the living room

To make a modern living room look more traditional, paint the walls with warm colors like creamy white, mustard yellow, soft blue, or shades of grey.

Warm colors suit perfectly with living room walls and create a balance with the upholstery of other furniture in the living room. It gives an old retro/ vintage look to your living room and makes it look more traditional.

2. A stone fireplace for cold winter chills

Modern houses have been equipped with room heaters and air conditioners that keep you warm in winders. But to give your house a traditional look, you can get a stone fireplace built for your living room.

Stone fireplace is effective in keeping your living room warm enough on cold winter nights. Also, the sound of fire burning helps you to relax and have better concentration. No doubt you will also be saving money by paying fewer electricity bills.

3. Panelled walls


Paneled walls are a great option to make a modern living room look more traditional. Paneled walls are built from traditionally looking rigid components like wood, plastic, or other material. Also, considering the fact paneled walls make an elegant background to click pictures for social media.

Paneled walls are constructed for added protection to the walls and make ideal traditional home decor. It provides a subtle texture to the walls and is an impression of traditional home interiors.

4. Large windows for an adequate amount of sunlight

Large spacious windows make an ideal traditional living room. It allows an adequate amount of sunlight to enter the room making the walls look brighter in the daylight.

The traditional housing design had large spacious windows to perfectly utilize the light from during daytime and also channels flow of air to the whole house. Traditional living rooms with large windows make your modern house look marvelous.

5. Maintaining a perfect symmetry

One of the primary characteristics of a traditional house is the placement of furniture to make the room look symmetrical. Arranging the furniture of your modern living room can make it look more traditional and looks pleasing to the eyes.

To make your living room symmetrical, ensure that you buy furniture in pairs and place them on the opposite sides of the room. This brings a balance to your living room and a guaranteed feeling of traditional vibes.

6. Decorate your living room with traditional decor patterns


Decorating the living room with traditional decor patterns includes furniture with pattern upholstery, traditional-looking carpets, designing your living room with fretwork and trellis can make your modern living room look traditional. A modern living room with traditional décor patterns gives a luxurious royal vibe to your room.

7. Using matching chairs and sofa set

A traditional house is very well characterized by matching chairs, sofa sets, and a pair of pillows with traditional upholstery. This helps to maintain the symmetry with furniture and makes it look coordinated.

If it seems too basic using a matching chair and sofa set, then you can use chair pillows with a different pattern that would perfectly suit the traditional look of the house. Avoid buying sofa pillows of different shapes and ensure it has a classic pillow cover.

8. Blue and white: the perfect combo

The combination of blue and white is everlasting. Not only does it make a modern room look traditional, but the colors are also soothing for the eyes. It looks delicate and creates a classic color palette. Decorate your living room with a combination of blue and white interiors.

Whether you use the color combination with rugs, upholstery, pillow covers, or with a collection of artifacts, the choice is up to you. This color combination provides a calm feeling and provides a healthy piece of mind.

9. Bring greenery with decorative plants


A perfect aesthetic vibe with a traditional look to your modern living room can be achieved using decorative plants as a part of interior decoration. Plants make your room refreshing and alive. The added greenery to your house with the right floral arrangements will make it look exquisitely pleasing.

Some of the decorative home plants are ZZ plants, Rubber plants, a string of pearls, Anthurium, and many more. Though if you are too lazy to take care of your plants, then you have the option to buy silk flowers which are an identical replica of a real flower.

10. Wall-mounted bookcases or bookshelves

Wall-mounted bookcases and bookshelves are ideal usage of storage and give your modern living room a traditional look with the old-brownish wooden shelves. You can even make some extra space for artifacts, photo frames, and maybe some of your trophies and achievements.

Before smartphones and computers, people used to read a lot of books; hence having piles of books and novels gives a traditional vibe to your room.

Wrapping up

There has been a reputation of having a calm and peaceful environment with a traditional look. The primary key trait of a traditional look is having a symmetrical space in your room. You can still make a modern living room look more traditional by implementing a few possible changes depending on the size and structure of a room.

There are various other interior decor ideas to get traditional vibes from your living room. These are some traditional styles that you can adopt in your modern living room to make it look traditional. Be creative with your ideas and make them look the way you want.

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