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How To Make Sales From Instagram

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to make money from the pictures you take. There are a whole host of ways to bring in some extra revenue for you and your family just by redefining the way you approach social media. Your Instagram account is a potential goldmine and if you aren’t using it to its full potential then you really are missing out. To acquire a strong follower base you could use a reliable platform like to boost your profile. Here are some easy, achievable ways to firstly draw more interest to your account, build an engaging follower base then reap the financial rewards of your efforts on ‘Insta’;

Involve Your Audience

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Followers may be more likely to part with their hard-earned cash if you give them a little something back. The recognition on your part could be returned with an endorsement from them which is vital if they are to spread a good word amongst their own followers/family and friends. A simple share of your post does wonders and if you can entice your fans to post about your business on your profile it will further raise awareness of both services and products you provide. The best method would be to send in and share their own images with them using your products. The promotion from a business sense is easy, you just offer a discounted rate or a voucher on a set product for your favourite picture or for the image that draws the most interaction with comments and likes being the deciding factor.

Promotional Campaigns and Events

Getting people to like your images and follow you because you’re running a marketing campaign or a promotional event is a great way to push the brand and to get your fans and followers to like images, share videos and provide lots of positive energy with their comments about your products and services. Use urgency in your wording and offer exclusive deals to lure followers in and spread awareness amongst the online community. By using separate hashtags for each contest or competition you can keep track of each one individually with little or no admin whilst all your business contributions are kept nicely together in one place.

Client Testimonials

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Grateful and appreciative clients are usually more than happy to write lovely words and compliment you and your products in a review if they get a good service. Simply ask happy clients to upload pictures or videos of themselves using your product, this can be hugely beneficial to the business and often provide the final push that prospective buyers need. They are worth their weight in gold and will negate the need to search for ways to buy Instagram followers.

Try An Influencer

Dwayne Johnson might just be out of your price-bracket but your budget may stretch to a local celebrity or even someone of influence within your community that can help push your business. Industry experts and product bloggers could be the ones to target for an affordable investment with Insta influencing tactics. All it requires is a shared video or picture of them with the product and have them explain why they endorse the brand before topping it up with a few relevant hashtags. Simple but effective!

Instagram Business Profile Optimisation

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This has fast become a search engine for brands, almost an app within an app. Many followers and businesses alike will search in Instagram for a particular company so optimising your business page is a crucial part of your business development. With increased traffic from former Bing or Google searchers coming your way, you want to look as appealing and professional as possible at all times when followers land on your page. Your Instagram feed should reflect everything about your business that your website does, if not more.

As the first point of contact for so many potential customers, it is imperative that you get this correct. Utilise the accessibility and range of the Instagram business page to aesthetically please and draw in a wider audience of loyal followers with deep pockets ready to invest in your range. Entice new customers with promotions and offers with product links galore and you will soon be rolling significant profits. To build an attractive Instagram Business Page with high-quality newsfeed features and content you should include the following;

  • Profile Picture: Select an image that is eye-catching but easily identifiable so that followers can familiarise themselves with your brand and your chosen logo. The photo needs to be on-brand, up to date and ooze sophistication to maximise traffic towards your page.
  • Articulate Biography: The bio you present to the world on Instagram can be extremely effective and is there a crucial element of your success. It is the opportunity to showcase what you have but keep it concise as too much detail can be tedious upon the first glimpse. Lay out what the business offers in a brief but direct manner so your audience knows exactly what to expect from you.
  • URL Links: As the only clickable link you can add to your Instagram page, the URL part of your biography is an integral part of the marketing plan. It serves as the final piece of your Instagram business page jigsaw that ties everything together. It is the proverbial cherry on the icing on top of the cake so to speak. Don’t neglect its importance to your sales targets. It is all very well drawing people in but without anywhere to go (or to shop) then what a waste of time. It is the equivalent of training all week but not playing in the big game. Drive sales by directing traffic to your website via the potentially lucrative URL link.

Tell Your Story

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Instagram Stories are the modern-day digital base to market to a mass audience and cram a load of information and enticing deals images and links all into one package of sellable fun! Engage with audiences on a regular and personal basis by attracting direct attention as they flick through their daily stories. Make your brand the one that stands out and the one they click the link from to part with their cash.

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