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Malayalam Musicians You Need To Follow

Malayalam music is very charming and mesmerizing, and it even has the power to completely lighten-up your mood. Malayalam music has been around ever since the 9th century CE, and it’s very popular in the Kerala region of India.

Its popularity is so huge that Malayalam music is fully integrated into the Malayalam cinema. Simply said, one does not go without the other. With so many musicians composing brilliant songs, here are the ones that you need to follow.

1. G. Devarajan

Devarajan is one of the most famous and influential Malayalam musicians. He has been awarded the J.C. Daniel lifetime achievement award, on top of his four Best Music Director awards for Malayalam film. He, alongside K.J. Yesudas and Vayalar, was the most famous musical trio in the entire Kerala region of India, and very influential in Malayalam cinema.

2. M.S. Baburaj

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Baburaj was most active between the 50s and late 70s and was one of the pioneers of the Malayalam music industry. With large success behind his name, Baburaj was very influential with older generations. His mostly consists of mind soothing sons.

3. Raveendran

In Kerala, Raveendran is referred to as “Master Raveendran” due to his song directing skills. If Baburaj is the pioneer of Malayalam music, then Raveendran revolutionized it with his music compositions. His music was so inspiring that he made a name for himself in the industry, and a throne to sit on.

4. Johnson Composer

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Johnson Composer contributed so much to Malayalam film through his music that his influence cannot be underestimated. His tones in Malayalam film awarded him the National Award for Background Music twice! Johnson is also a winner of multiple Kerala State Film awards and has dozens of top 10 hits in Malayalam music. Check out this and more other artists at mallmusic.

5. V. Dakshinamoorthy

Dakshinamoorthy was a Malayalam musician that created music which appealed to both older and newer generations. Simply said, Dakshinamoorthy is responsible for creating generational music hits that changed Malayalam film and music forever. He is also a teacher that has taught many singers and musicians the ways of Dakshinamoorthy.

6. Ouseppachan

Malayalam musician Ouseppachan was a winner of the National Award for Best Music Direction, which he won for the film Antiyathipravu. A true musician that understands love music, Ouseppachan composes brilliant love rhythms that inspire all generations.

7. M. Jayachandran

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M.Jayachadran is a rare Kerala gem as he is both a singer and a music composer. He has won the Best State Music Award for a record 6 times; no one has managed to come even close to his achievement. He has also won the Best State Singer Award once, completing his impressive record tally with 7 awards behind his name.

8. Vidhya Sagar

A unique musician that composes music and directs film, Vidhya Sagar has won 5 Filmfare Awards and the National Award for Music once. A generational talent, Sagar not only does he compose music for Malayalam, but also for Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. With multiple “hits” behind his name, Vidhya completes our list of Malayalam musicians that you need to follow.

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