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Mindless Online Shopping Amidst Global Tension

The tension between China and America tend to tighten as it might lead to an economic surge in stocks

Social events are continuing to shape up the world’s market conditions; amidst police law enforcement that isn’t working, and a pandemic that is still growing bigger, it looks like stocks are slowly on the rise. The economic forecast says that advertisement will never be the same and we are yet to see all the setbacks, although many people still don’t have a job and it’s highly unlikely to get it soon. Various states are lifting their curfew and stores are slowly reopening which means we are soon to have better stock market conditions which means – better trade options.

Economic forecasts are pretty optimistic despite all the setbacks we’ve been facing. Commodity markets are starting to move on the stock line and it will probably rise more as the summer comes. However, at this moment it seems that it is better to focus on China and its economic surge until we can since the US reopenings are not timed well, therefore, threatening to worsen the coronavirus situation, instead of eradicating it. This can prolong the state of recession we are facing since worldwide lockdown began, more exactly in March 2024, also known as “The Second Great Depression”. Still, everything seems very fragile, while the tension between China and Trump rises. “The blame game” and lots of minor disputes could easily escalate, so let’s hope we stay focused on finding the cure for the pandemic while staying at home. Many people continue to do so, shopping online, making Amazon, Home Depot and various markets growing bigger and bigger. Only Amazon share trade is 33% higher today than it was on last Friday evening.

The Uproar against Injustice and Racism

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Black Lives Matter still asks for defunding police, Trump and Biden are still against it. Pandemic still on the rise.

All of this sounds fine but, it’s easier said than done. BLM (Black Lives Matter), and the death of George Floyd that ignited the whole uproar is stronger than ever, despite what the regular media is trying to portray. Lots of petitions have been signed, money has been donated from everywhere, and people are getting angrier as Trump nor Biden support defunding police, and we are yet to see how it’s going to affect the market since the elections are coming in November this year.

Tesla vs Nikola

Is Nikola butchering Tesla’s first name for the sake of money or the real deal?

Tesla shares continue to steadily rise since SpaceX launch (+7,26%). What can catch your attention is Nikola company that is still trying to get its blue mark on twitter, complaining they deserve it since Nikola Corp revenue surged 103%. Experts are saying it might be possible for them to be a shoulder to shoulder with Tesla since their main focus is on cell-electric trucks. It is estimated that 14000 of these would be worth about 10 billion dollars, but it is still far from done. As per, financebrokerage, brokers can watch closely and follow the situation and its development – their first billion isn’t forecasted before 2024, and Tesla is still a strong and impressive company, that doesn’t cease to surprise no matter how many setbacks they may have

Gaming makes the world go round

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Gaming stocks continuously on the rise, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Fornite still most profitable games.

On a lighter note, the video game industry and its stocks can only go up, especially at times like these. If we’re talking about “pure-play” gaming stocks, Nintendo (how many people have mentioned Animal Crossing as their go-to at home?), Blizzard (“Call of Duty, “Overwatch”, etc.)  and EA are thriving. League of Legends and Fortnite are still major players in the field since multiplayer games have gained the attention of people who would not usually spend their time this way. Let’s not forget smartphone games, that are rather played by people of all ages. Whether you’re at home or you have to go to work, you’ll still find the time to check out your progress and make sure nothing catastrophic happens while you’re away. This helped people cope with the global situation and feel more in touch with other people. Making new friends has never been more important, and games were always there to deliver that, together with another way to feel better and dive into a new world on your own, even if you can’t leave your house

Parties and Meetings – Online!

Will the way families see each other be forever changed since Zoom made it big into the stock market?

Zoom Video Communications Inc. is probably something you are quite familiar with since COVID started. It surpassed everyone’s expectations and made a surge of 130% in stocks, plummeting about 30% in May but steadily rising again (currently about 16%), and it will probably continue to do so, since not only families are using it, but also companies and coworkers. It’s still debatable whether something will outdo it, since protection walls aren’t really high which resulted in many companies banning Zoom from using it during conferences, etc.

What makes you feel like you belong

Joe Rogan and other podcasts make their debut on Spotify making them even bigger on the stock market.

Lastly, musicians might not be able to perform live, but entertainment business has found its own ways, new albums are coming out, Spotify is still thriving. It managed to become the largest podcast distributor and even snatched famous Joe Rogan, which is why their stock price rises every day. People want to feel like they are talking to someone if they live alone. Even if they aren’t they can focus on learning something new, or just put their mind at ease so they don’t get too depressed despite the pandemic. Everything that can make you feel connected and awake happy thoughts is bound to rise on the market.

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