Most Common Bingo Rewards

Games of chances have always been popular among people. Their popularity somehow always rises with economic difficulties the world enters from time to time. Many remember those times when people were sitting in front of the TV on specific days, to watch live broadcasts on national TV channels of state lottery games. Even though most of such games of chances have been replaced by online games, they still very much exist, and people still very much like to play them.

One example that illustrates how much people hope to get rich by playing these games, is that there are some who follow jackpots in other countries and from time to time cross the border to take part in their lottery. They hope, imagine, daydream of a better life, a bigger house, a better car.

Since everything has moved online, the popularity of certain online games of chance, like bingo rose immensely. No doubt you’ll encounter many rewards when playing bingo. These rewards don’t always have to come in the form of cash either, websites like Umbingo offer a variety of exciting rewards for playing. Below are the most common bingo rewards out there.

Cash Rewards

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Cash rewards are the most common type of reward that you will get playing bingo. The amount of cash will vary depending on what type of jackpot is on offer as well as the type of game you are playing. Some bingo jackpots will be a life-changing sum of money while other bingo jackpots will only be a small amount. Below are some of the most common jackpots that will reward players with money.

Progressive Jackpot

This jackpot will keep steadily increasing the longer it takes for a player to claim it, hence the name progressive jackpot. This is arguably the most popular variation of the bingo jackpot among players. While it’s amount can vary, this jackpot will typically be a large amount. Usually, the people we often hear about who won a massive amount playing bingo will have been playing a bingo game with a progressive jackpot.

Sliding Jackpot

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This jackpot variation will slowly decrease as the play goes on! Many players are not usually fans of this version of a bingo jackpot as the reward slowly slips away from players. The amount that this jackpot offers will typically start out large but due to the nature of the sliding jackpot, this amount will inevitably become much smaller. It can vary depending on when you’re playing. Certain days and certain times of the day can vary in value. It won’t be the same if you’re playing in the middle of the night on a working day when most people are asleep and the jackpot is expected to be very low and if you play on Sunday evening, for example. More people are taking part then, therefore, the jackpot is higher.

Fixed Jackpot

This means that the jackpot amount will not change, no matter what the circumstances of the game are. While this means that the reward size is much more modest than other jackpot types, it also provides a few benefits. Unlike a sliding jackpot, this will never decrease even if it spends a while being unclaimed. However, this also means that it won’t increase like a progressive jackpot. Also, because the jackpot is fixed, players can try and shift the odds in their favor by playing for the fixed jackpot when there are fewer players online, the fixed jackpot amount doesn’t decrease no matter how few players are competing for it.

Other Types of Rewards

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Not every game of bingo will offer a monetary reward. There are sometimes other prizes on offer for players. Usually, these other prizes will only be available during physical bingo games, however, there are some (like online vouchers) that can be won and consumed online. Below are a few examples of the other prizes you could win during a game of bingo.

Physical Prizes

Players could win a physical prize such as a stuffed teddy bear. Sometimes these prizes will be on offer if the player manages to achieve an additional feat during the main bingo game but it can also be the main prize for winning.
Of course, you don’t have to win a teddy bear each time. One other popular type of physical prizes provided by bingo games are house appliances, such as blending machines, toasters, or TV.

Holliday trip

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Although money is by far the most popular and preferred reward, those that can be equally appreciated are free travel packages one can win. There has been some research in the past that aimed to explore what would people spend money on, if all of a sudden, they got a certain amount of money. Many said, they would spend it on travel. Distancing yourself from everyday troubles, even just for a couple of days seems like a good idea to many. Besides, life is about new experiences, what better way to live it than travel.


Games of chances, including bingo, can have different sponsors. Sponsors offer their products as a reward, which is why you can expect to win a voucher worth some amount of money, you can use for purchasing things you need in the sponsor store. Quite often they give out their products as well, but vouchers are more common and more practical, looking from the player’s perspective.


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Ego is by far the biggest winner, in every game. It is interesting to notice how people feel content and pride no matter what they win. If it’s a travel package, a huge sum of money, or a teddy bear, what’s important is that they won. Why? Because winning can give you bragging rights and a sense of pride over your friends and family, who wouldn’t want that. In the bingo games which aren’t played for money, playing for pride can be just as good!


If you want to play a game where you can win a variety of rewards then look no further than bingo. Not only are there tremendous cash prizes on offer but also the chance to play for physical prizes such as stuffed animals.

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