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New Car Options: Which Ones are Must-Choose?

So you’re deciding on getting a new set of wheels. You’ve spent days daydreaming about the different color options, you’ve already picked out the powertrain, and have worked out a payment plan for it—but what about its specs?
Carmakers these days offer a ton of options to personalize your vehicle, but knowing the difference between features that you want and features that will actually be useful to you is difficult.
Given the fact that you’ll be living with your new purchase for at least three years, knowing what features to deck it out in is important—you don’t want to regret ticking (or not ticking) a certain box one year down the line.
For example, it’s probably not a great idea to spend hundreds of dollars on leather seats on a city car.
That being said, we’ve compiled a list of must-have add-ons for your new car to make the decision-making process easier.

LED Headlights

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Let’s start simple. Headlights are one of the most striking features of a car and greatly impact the driver experience. They add to vehicular beauty and also aid visibility.
Over the years, the headlight technology, in combination with automotive engineering and design, has seen a tremendous improvement. Starting from Tungsten, Halogen and Xenon bulbs that offered incredible lighting and clarity to the LED technology of today offering beauty, brightness and unparalleled illumination, the headlight technology, has been through a tough process.
Led headlights are often offered as ‘extras’ in most car manufacturing companies. While these beauties are expensive, they are worth the extra expenditure when it comes to functionality. Comprising of multiple segments, these lights can optimize the amount of light to offer depending on the situation, for example dimming sections of the beam to assist visibility for the driver or prevent light reflecting off of important road signs.
A set of LED headlights is an add-on well worth its weight in gold.

Metallic Pearlescent Paint

Okay, we know we promised a list of add-ons that are ‘useful,’ but we’re making a grand exception in this case. Metallic pearlescent paint has a 100% aesthetic value, but the effect it gives off and the amount of sheer sexiness it adds to an already gorgeous vehicle makes it hard to leave out.
Not only adding to the eye-candy, but the paint also increases the car’s resale value because of the superior residual quality and superior aesthetics.
What makes this paint so special is that instead of metallic flecks, like normal car paint, this paint is infused with tiny ceramic crystals that reflect light as well as refract it, creating a classy matte-ish effect.
Metallic paint is expensive—we won’t lie, but it’s going to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Parking Sensors—And Cameras

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One would think parking sensors should be standard in all cars by now—it’s 2024, after all (almost).
But no siree!
They still hang out on a list of options that manufacturers charge extra for, even on high-end vehicles. So here’s some food for thought: parking sensors are a great add-on and if you’re going to pay for them, it’s better to get them in the front than at the back because of the greater ease and parking aid.
Another great option to consider is parking cameras. Think of these as mechanical equivalents of your eyes—only, in the back of your head. Again, if you’re going to pay for parking cameras, it’s best to go for 360-degree cameras for the ultimate eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head experience.

Digital Dashboard

This fad really took off when Audi showed off its virtual cockpit for the first time in the 2014 version of Audi TT. All of a sudden, everyone wanted digital dashboards with LCD displays that came equipped with sat-nav systems, infotainment systems, and telephone functionality.
For a full swing fighter pilot experience, consider a heads-up display that will beam important information and display it either directly on the windshield or an equally classy dedicated glass screen that rises from the dashboard like the resurrection of Undertaker.
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