5 Tips for a One-Day Business Trip

Shorter business trips are becoming more and more popular. Many business travelers are even opting for one-day business trips.

There are many advantages to a short trip. You might think that less planning is one of those advantages, but that’s not the case. You still need to plan for a one-day trip.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your next trip.

1. Plan Ahead


Not all one-day trips are last minute. Most of them are actually scheduled well in advance.

However, most people forget to plan or put it off. After all, it’s only one day, so how much could go wrong? Actually, a lot could happen.

Your flight, train, or bus could be canceled. It would be a shame to cancel the whole trip. You should have a backup plan ready in case this happens. In the worst-case scenario, plan on driving yourself if necessary.

Your company should reimburse you if this happens. But be prepared to pay for things out of pocket if the situation arises.

Find a good meeting place ahead of time. Reserve a table well in advance.

2. Book Cheaply

Don’t waste money on an expensive hotel. After all, you won’t be able to enjoy that much in a single night. Don’t waste time booking a hotel yourself, either. There are professional services like Hotel Engine.

Booking agencies are experts in business travel. They know what you need more than you do. And they know which hotels offer that.

There’s no way you can get the same kind of rates as a booking service. You simply don’t have the industry connections. Save money on the hotel so you can spend your money where it matters. If you spend less on a hotel, you can take your client out for a nice dinner. Get creative with your travel expense budget. Join hotel rewards programs to earn points.

Once you start earning points, you’re more likely to get upgraded. You’ll also be eligible for special membership rates and discounts. For frequent travelers, memberships are a must.

Since most hotel memberships are free, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this perk. Not collecting points is just saying no to free money.

3. Don’t Waste Time


You’re only traveling for one day. That means that every minute of your journey counts. Don’t waste your travel time by watching a movie or checking social media. You can do that at home or anywhere. And it’s mostly a waste of time.

If you can, use your travel time for working. If you’re driving, use the drive to learn something new. Listen to a podcast or an ebook. Maybe even try to learn a new language!

There’s no reason to make sure everything in the room is completely organized. You’re just going to re-pack the next day. Enjoy your destination as much as possible.

4. Pack Light

Overpacking is the most common mistake. There isn’t actually a lot that you need for a one-night stay. Pack efficiently with a bag designed for short-term travel like the one on this list from the Broke Backpacker. Only pack one bag and maybe a purse if you need it.

If you forget something, you can probably go one night without it. Most hotels will have soap and shampoo. There’s no reason to pack more unless you’re picky. They will only take up space. Just make sure not to forget your toothbrush.

5. Enjoy It


You might never be back at this destination. Take the time to do a bit of sightseeing and enjoy the trip. If possible, see about staying an extra day so you don’t feel rushed. There’s nothing worse than traveling to a cool city and not being able to see any of it. Don’t think of the trip as a chore.

Instead, consider it an opportunity to see something new. Do some research ahead of time and see if there is a concert or show while you’re there. Maybe there’s an interesting art exhibition. Life is short, so make sure to save room for fun.


One-day business trips aren’t a waste of time. They can be great for business, and they can be lots of fun.

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