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Here Are 10 Reasons Why Owning a Small Pool is a Fantastic Investment!

Not all of you will have a spacious backyard to accommodate a large pool but you can certainly plan a small, customized pool for your family to enjoy. Yes, we agree there are a few drawbacks of owning a small pool, however, there are significant advantages as well. Read through the following lines if you want to know how owning a small pool is a fantastic investment.

1. Aligns with Custom Needs

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While some homeowners want to have a pool to swim and stay fit, several others prefer to own a small pool to relax in the soothing waters. Water has tremendous soothing powers and it is proven to calm the body and mind. You can get in touch with a pool designer to craft your own small pool that aligns with your specific needs. Vinyl and concrete are popular choices for swimming pools but of late, the trend is inclining towards fiberglass pools. They look ultramodern and can be now customized to meet individual requirements.

2. Smaller Pool Requires Less Maintenance

Have you come across homes with a large backyard space but a small cute pool? Why do you think those homeowners did not go for large pools? The reason is simple. While a large pool involves huge construction, installation, and maintenance costs, a smaller pool obviously involves lower costs. You can save greatly on energy, chemicals, cleaning supplies, and water.

3. Encourage Good Family Time

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When you build a small pool within your property premises, you are in fact, encouraging family bonding. Your backyard becomes a hot spot for your family members, and they wish to spend their weekends lazing in the waters with their dear ones. Just imagine teaching your kids swimming and playing with them in the cool waters, right in your backyard! Doesn’t it sound wonderful? A small pool is easy to own and gives your family the opportunity to spend quality time together, all through the year.

4. Homeowners can choose the Materials

Large pools generally come in standardized sizes and give the homeowners little choice regarding the materials used. On the other hand, you will have the flexibility to choose the material, size, shape, and finish if you decide to invest in a small pool. Fibreglass pool can be a good choice if you are looking to get a small pool for your backyard.

5. Small Pools are Cute and Stylish

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You need not plan a big pool just because you have a large backyard. You can make your space appealing and enhance the aesthetic ambiance even by owning a small pool. In fact, ‘small’ and ‘compact’ are the trend words today. A small backyard pool looks cute, at the same time stylish. Spend less while adding to your property’s curb appeal by planning a small yet contemporary pool in your backyard!

6. Create a Resort-like Space with a Well-Planned Small Pool

A swimming pool is more than what it is perceived as. If you are creative enough, you can transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor resort. Yes, we mean it. With lovely waterfalls, seaters, and infinity edges, you can give your backyard a resort-like ambiance. Simply unwind in the soothing waters after a hard day at work or laze in the pool to beat the heat during the hotter months, all while staying within your premises!

7. Host a Party Beside Your Pool

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Invite your kids’ friends for an evening party during the holidays and entertain your little guests to the maximum. Kids love spending time in the waters, so allow them to take a dip and play water games in your small pool. You can also throw a party for your colleagues and close friends during the weekends. Chat beside the pool and experience the healing power of the waters. You can enjoy privacy for as long as you want while spending little or nothing from your pocket!

8. Stay Healthy Naturally

Instead of running to the gym after work, you can exercise in your own small pool. Working out in the waters keeps you healthy and fit, besides water is also said to be a good stress-reliever. Yes, simply spending time in your small pool can take away all the stress and aches. Water also promotes sleep, so if you have problems falling asleep, relax in your pool before going to bed and see the difference!

Remember, you need not own a large pool to experience the benefits of water. Even a small pool can offer the same benefits. So, do not worry if you have a small budget and a small backyard. You can still own a pretty pool and stay healthy!

9. Enhanced Property Value

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If you think investing in a pool is a waste of money, you are wrong. Studies have shown that a house with a pool, large or small, attracts prospective buyers. Apart from this, your property value also goes up, by 12-15 percent at least if you have a pool. So, if you have plans to sell your property in the future, it is a good idea to accommodate a pool in your backyard.

10. Ever-lasting Fun

Another factor that makes installing a small pool a worthy investment is an entertainment it offers for your family and friends. While a movie, park, and other outing offers limited fun, a backyard pool provides long-lasting fun. A one-time investment offers enjoyment for years down the line.


To sum it up, a small pool costs less because of its size. In addition, the costs involved in its upkeep are also negligible. If you are passionate about pools and love to have one installed in your backyard but have a restricted budget, we suggest you go for a trendy, small pool. Today, you have a wide variety of pool options to choose from, including vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. However, people are more inclined towards the fibreglass small pools since they are high on appeal, easy to install and maintain.

Owning a small pool is a fantastic investment given the tons of benefits it offers. Now, are you ready to transform your backyard? Our experts over at PlungePoolsPerth will help you choose the right swimming pool for your home, so get in contact today to have our experts help you.

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