Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding – DIY Painting Tips 2023

In doing furniture paintings, one of the most complicated is sanding the furniture itself. Also, it is time-consuming and messy as well. Unfortunately, most of the furniture painters have to deal with the struggle of dealing with lots of sandpapers to furnish the furniture before proceeding to the painting itself.

If you also cringe to the idea of sanding, you are definitely not alone. Fortunately, New Casa painters Langley shared the good news of painting almost any kind of furniture without facing the complexities of using sandpapers.

Here’s how to do it:

Never underestimate the power of chalk paint in the furniture.

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Ask some furniture painters how to furniture paint without sanding, and using chalk paint is probably the most common answer. Aside from saving you from facing the sandpapers, chalk paints guarantee to provide a marvelously matte finish for any wood furniture. With so many chalk paint brands around, you can surely always count on to it!

If you don’t like chalk paints, hang on to mineral paints.

Wanting to try more? Consider using mineral paints. Like chalk paints, mineral paint needs no prime coats or sanding to make the wood furniture better. However, what’s mineral paint can also offer is its waterproof and stainproof properties. Also, with this kind of paint, you do not have to worry about adding some topcoats.

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Use the formula Milk Paint + Bonding Agent.

In using milk paints, it’s always best to use bonding agents. With its easiness to use and amazing grip, a bonding agent is a great primer plus it helps to stick the milk paint to the furniture.  However, do not forget that the mixture of milk paints and the bonding agent must be done ONLY on the first coat.

Consider using a bonding primer.

Aside from its guaranteed “no sanding” properties, a bonding primer also works best in glossy surfaces like glass, tiles, and metals. Some brands are quite pricey, but it is always worth it. Imagine the time and effort that you will definitely save in using it.

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You can also count on to liquid sander or deglosser

Believe it or not, there is such a thing called liquid sander, and you can also count on it to help you save yourself from sandpaper. It surely works well even on the most complicated details of your wood furniture. Also, since it is liquid, it is easier to apply by just simply brushing and wiping it based on the allotted time stated in the instructions.

When the liquid is applied to the surface, a chemical reaction happens and holds to the newly applied paint. However, it has a strong smell, so it is recommended to use this in a well-ventilated area.

Additional tips

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According to New Casa Painters, here are some additional tips to check out:

Before using cleaning products especially those that are considered heavy, make sure to read and understand the instructions first.
Always see the importance of testing every material first before applying or using on the furniture. Apply your preferred product to a small area, and let it dry overnight. The next day, do a simple scratch test by scratching the painted area using your fingernail or top of the screw.

You will know if its good to use if the paint still sticks.

When applying your preferred paint, always do it on light even coats to produce a more sophisticated look.

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