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Pcloudy Review 2024 – mobile application testing platform and its various features

Smart devices like mobiles and tablets help in the performance of various activities. Applications that run on smart devices are developed by various companies and developers engaged in creating the same. One can find every type of application on their smart devices like calculator, social networking apps, games and fitness apps which can be downloaded from official application stores. Every company engaged in the development of applications for smart devices have to make sure the applications can run on a variety of devices. Moreover, the company must ensure the application developed as the ability to form necessary activities for which it has been created. Therefore, it becomes necessary to test applications across a variety of devices before it is launched for final use. However, testing applications on individual devices can prove to be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, an organization can use application testing software and platforms provided by various companies.

Pcloudy is one such mobile application testing platform that a company can use for testing applications across a variety of devices. It acts as a cloud-based Saas application testing platform that allows an individual developer to test applications on a variety of virtual devices and environments. The platform integrates various tools and devices which can be used for testing applications based on criteria like functional and nonfunctional system, security, performance, and overall functionality. The software combines various technological solutions like AI, bots and automatic analysis systems. Apart from providing a mobile testing platform, the company even provides public and private cloud solutions that a company can use for storing and transmitting business information with complete security.
There are various features of the cloud-based mobile testing platform which a company can use for testing applications. Some of these are listed below;

• Multiple testing procedures:

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The cloud-based mobile application testing platform provides the ability to individual developers to test applications using manual or automated testing procedures. An individual developer can integrate automated testing software like appium with the pcloudy software to get better information regarding the performance of applications. Moreover, a company can test a variety of applications across various devices at the same time which reduces the overall testing cycle of the application. The testing procedures which the online testing platform provides help companies in the creation of an efficient application that can be used across a variety of devices. Moreover, every method or procedure of analyzing an application provides necessary information that together helps individual developers in modifying the already developed application. Companies can tweak the applications and make it better before it is launched for final customer use.

• Multiple language support:

The mobile application testing platform supports multiple languages that can be used across various countries. This feature allows developers to spread all across the world to test applications across various devices and launch the same throughout the world. Individual developers can test their applications using the automated testing platform. This feature of multi-language support allows individual Developers to launch their applications for mass use across the world without any hesitation.

• Mobile application Health checker:

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An individual developer can receive detailed reports regarding the overall health of the application in terms of performance. Detailed reports providing information regarding bugs in programming are provided which helps companies in improving the overall performance and efficiency of the applications. The health checker app provides important information related to an application like its performance and capability to perform necessary functions. An application is tested on the basis of various fronts like scalability, flexibility to use across various devices and its functionality. The health checker app provides detailed information to a developer or a company regarding the overall health of the application. Moreover, an individual developer gets information related to the functionality of an application i.e. whether or not it will be able to function across various devices with speed and efficiency.

• Functional and non-functional testing procedures:

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There are various methods and modes of testing an application. Functional and non-functional testing are two of the most important and common methods of analyzing an application. An application can be tested using functional and non-functional testing procedures using which an individual developer or company receives basic and deeper information related to an application. Under functional testing, Applications are tested using various criteria like functions it intends to perform. Functional testing helped individual papers and companies to analyze whether or not a particular application will be able to perform necessary functions for which it has been developed. It is treated as the most important method of analyzing an application.
On the other hand, under non-functional testing procedures, the application is analyzed on the basis of its performance, usability, scalability, and load taking ability. Application is tested on the basis of its performance capabilities and its ability to perform necessary functions with efficiency. It is concerned with other important aspects related to an application which it must possess irrespective of its functions. These may include the ability to work on various devices and minimum use of CPU, memory, and battery of a device.

• An automated process of testing applications:

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An individual developer or company can test their applications using pcloudy mobile application testing platform which is completely automated. Moreover, the software or platform provides a choice between manual and automatic testing. The platform automatically tests applications using various aspects like its functions and usability. Moreover, the software providers detail report which can be analyzed for understanding the problems associated with the application. The software platform is completely automated which reduces human effort. The platform also provides a choice for developers to select manual testing procedures so that they can test an application on the basis of their own preferences and needs. Manual script-based testing procedures can be adopted by an individual for testing applications. The procedure is completely automated which allows companies to focus on the core activities.

Pcloudy is considered as the best mobile testing application platform which can be used for making excellent applications that can be used across a variety of devices. Both individual developers and large corporate bodies can use the pcloudy application testing platform to analyze it based on various aspects.

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