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5 Best Places to Live and Work in Canada in 2023

Whether you are eager to try your luck living in Canada or it is the chance of employment that drives you to come and stay in this astonishing country, research is the first thing you should start with before reserving the tickets for your new favorite place to be in the world. Apart from searching thoroughly for the features, Canada offers that suit your needs best, knowing exactly what you want from the life Canada offers is what you should be considering.

What is an important issue to resolve is if you are a newcomer to Canada and this is the next stop on your pursuit of happiness, or you already live in this North American country, but you may be considering to change your current place of residence for another in the same country. If you belong to the second group then you are probably familiar with how things function in Canada and how beautiful and friendly it is. On the other hand, if you consider coming to the “Great White North” to settle and work, then the benefits this magnificent country provides will make you regret for not coming earlier.

Wherever do you choose to settle, you will not be missing the mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful wilderness. Namely, Canadians respect nature and cherish its overpowering charm. They are not prone to modifying the environmental beauties to expand their growing cities, but rather coexist with the wildlife scattered across the whole land and try to adapt to it. That is why a peaceful vibe is easy to be felt no matter what part of Canada you are in. Bear that in mind and respect all the living things out there and do not doubt that same respect shall be returned.

Finding an adequate place for yourself in the world’s second-largest country should not be a hard thing to do, especially if you know what are you looking for. Since the freshly wed couple would look for a different place to be than a single person, knowing what you want and where to find it is one of the decisive factors when it comes to establishing your new place of residence. Hence, in-detail research should be the number one priority. In order to provide you with some assistance on your settling venture, we have made a list of certain places where making a new home should be a good idea.


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This beautiful city with clean streets and magnificent nature preserved across the city is one of the officially best locations to live in both the Americas. Although English is spoken by almost every single person inhabiting Ottawa, it is a bilingual city, therefore, knowing French would get you in a better position when trying to get a job here. Since the unemployment rate barely goes beyond 5%, finding a job that suits you should not be difficult, considering you have adequate qualifications for the desired position. The population of Ottawa is steadily increasing as it counts just a bit more than one million citizens at the time speaking. Since the city is full of young people and has one of the best-developed community in Canada, it is an ideal place for young couples and newly founded families searching for a place to call their home, since rents are affordable and average pay is high. If you want to check other exciting locations all across Canada feel free to see this link.


If you are a person who appreciates living in a big city but you also enjoy wildlife and beautiful outdoors, then the city of Burlington is the perfect place for you. There are more than 100 parks scattered all across the city and it is widely known as an excellent place for hiking. The proximity of Lake Ontario is another feature that makes Burlington a reserve of nature and proves that living with nature as one is quite possible. Although it is one of the most expensive places to live, it is pretty compensated with a low crime rate, high income, quality health care, and other beneficial features Burlington offers. So, trying your luck in this city could be a great idea.


Living in Oakville will not only get you in the proximity of both Toronto and Lake Ontario, but you would be able to enjoy the natural wonders while living close to the major city. Living in the suburbs can be beneficial if you know that you can reach the heart of Toronto in a half an hour, while an hour is needed to reach both the U.S. border and the Niagara Falls. There are about 200 000 inhabitants living their content lives and enjoying multiple cultural manifestations happening frequently over the year. The locals usually work in Toronto, therefore using the benefits of small rents and the proximity of the city where job opportunities thrive.

St. Albert

In the last few years both Canadians and Expats have come in rows to live and work in St. Albert, thanks to the well-paid jobs and the numerous employment opportunities. It is the best place to live in Alberta and it stands out from the crowd with its quality education and healthcare, while there are about 90 kilometers of bike roads positioned along the riverbank of the Sturgeon River. Although the winters may be as cold as minus 20, St. Albert has enough sunny days to enable its citizens to accumulate enough warmth across the year. Living here could be ideal because lowering crime rates and the high standard, while job opportunities are numerous and housing favorable.


This place boasts as one of the oldest places in Quebec and is located right next to the city of Montreal. The number of inhabitants rises each year thanks to high paychecks and low prices of housing, making that ratio a deciding factor when it comes to choosing an ideal place to settle for both Canadians and immigrants. Wonderful nature is one of the most prominent features of Boucherville while Iles de Boucherville is one of the most distinguishing national parks in Canada. Nature lovers who do not live here consider this place a home from home.

What is the most important thing before deciding where you want to establish your home sweet home is whether the living conditions of a new place fits the wants and needs of you and your loving family or not? Hopefully, the aforementioned places have brought you closer to making a decision. On the other hand, if you have not yet made up your mind, the list above was made with the intention to draw your attention and inform you about certain features these particular cities offer. Canada is a land of multiple opportunities where you can find your place under the bucket and enjoy your stay, no matter how long it lasts.

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