Points to Ponder while Hunting for a House in 2024

House hunting seems exciting for many people. They think that you go and see a few houses and buy the one you like the most. This is not the case, house hunting is a serious business, and you need to be very diligent while house hunting. After all, it is your hard-earned money that is going to be spent; it is a very big investment finance-wise. House hunting is not a walk in the park, there are many points that you need to ponder about, and once you are satisfied with all of them, you can invest in your dream house.


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Ask any real estate agent, and the first thing they will tell you is to choose the area as it is essential while hunting a house. According to, the most important is the location because you can alter the look and feel of the home if you want, but you can never change the location. Finding the right place takes time, and you need to do your research before coming down on one of them. A few points to ponder while searching for the right place are shopping centers, schools, hospitals nearby; if possible, it should be near your office as it will save you a lot of time commuting to and fro. Check the neighborhood thoroughly before deciding.


The next vital point to think about is the size of the house. If you are single, you would require a small apartment or a condo, but if you have a family, you would expect a bigger house. It would help if you decided what the ideal size is for you. Just make sure that you do not buy a big house with lots of space that you do not require, or you do not buy a tiny apartment where everyone is falling over one another.

Another point to ponder is the storage space. Older homes have less storage space and old furniture which would require repairs or you need to replace them. Newer homes would have better storage spaces, so consider this too. Also if you need more storage space then buy a bigger size house where you can have a lot of closets etc.


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The price is significant when you are house hunting. Always set a minimum amount and the maximum amount that you are willing to shell out. When you meet real estate agents, tell them the minimum amount that you are eager to shell and ask them to show properties in that price range. Before you decide the price that you are ready to spend, make sure that you do your research and learn about the present market rate for a similar house in the locality. If you like a home that is a little costlier than your minimum price, you can always buy it if it falls within the maximum limit that you have set.

Also, while setting the price, it is essential to know if the house would have a good resale value in the future. It is a significant investment that you are about to make, and the investment should get you good returns over time, so consider the return on investment before you decide the price. Usually, real estate is a good investment, and more often than not, you will end up making a profit if you choose to sell your house after a few years.

Curb appeal

The phrase ‘curb appeal’ is prevalent in the real estate industry. Real estate agents believe that the curb or exterior should appeal to the buyer after all the first impression is usually the lasting impression which you take back with you after visiting a house. As a prospective buyer, you can easily decide if you want to go ahead with the purchase of the home by just viewing the exteriors. You need to check if the paint is peeling in the exterior walls, check if the lawn is mowed or if it is overgrown, check if the pathway is neat, all these will give you an idea of how the house is going to be. Also, always go with your gut instinct; if your gut says that the house is not right, then more often than not, you will find that the house is not up to your standard.


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The foundation of the house is the most important, more critical than the curb appeal. The curb appeal will tell you whether to proceed or not, but if the curb is right and if the foundation is not, then there is no use in buying such a house. Get a qualified inspector to inspect the home and check the problems about the house. Usually, the inspector will check the house for cracks, damages to the roof, and, most importantly, the foundation. The inspector will give you a list of problems and the costs to repair them. If you like the house, you can always bargain with the buyer and list out the issues and get them to reduce their asking price.


The safety of your family is paramount. So consider the locality based on the safety aspect. If the region is known for being a little shady, it is better to move a bit farther to a better area where you know that your family will be safe. Never compromise on your family’s safety.

Overall, house hunting can be an arduous task unless you are fortunate, and you get the right house as soon as you start your house hunting. While house hunting, it is essential to keep in mind that all your requirements will not be met, you may have to forego some things to get the best of what is available. If you are looking for the perfect house, you will keep on searching for it, and it may be impossible to find one. However, you can buy a house with some imperfections, set it right and make it the perfect home for you and your family.

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