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Pop Music In 2024: Female Domination

The British Guardian has released a top list of pop albums “you have to hear this fall”, noting that 2019 has also been a good year for pop music. Especially for female singers who launched their new albums.

Domination Of Women

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New music from Lizzo to Billie Eilish can be heard on YouTube, while Arianna Grande has released a new album. Among the singers with new songs in 2019, we have also Jenny Lewis, Solange, and Beyoncé, who launched the song Homecoming. Women have dominated the music scene, although there were albums released by male singers such as Tyler, who composed several songs that became hits. Still, women seem to dominate in 2024 as well.

Taylor Swift has already launched her first hit for next year – “Lover”. Among the singers who announced their new albums are Selena Gomez, HAIM, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. However, for now, they do not want to talk about the new songs, nor are they ready to say when new albums will appear. Music public speculates that Rihanna’s new songs are most likely either pure reggae or inspired by dance music.

Hope Gave Us Hope – Once Again

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Popular pop singer Hope Sandoval released her new album in August. It features 14 songs. If there are those among you who are not familiar with her work, you and see the trailer for this album on YouTube. The versatile artist’s seventh album arrived alongside her book, Paradise Rot. According to JosepVinaixa, this is a provocative story about a female student’s sensuality awakening.

Enjoy “Gordian” with Gordon

You remember Gordon from the time she worked for Sonic Youth or more recently with Bill Nice as a Body / Head duo. You also know her for her solo art show in Dublin and Pittsburgh. This lady never sits still. Therefore she follows her muse wherever she takes her. Whether it be music or the novel. Gordon recorded some very eclectic music for the album. She has also written the lyrics, music, and sang as well. There are nine songs on her new album that was released in October. The interesting thing is that each song is different from the others, but they are all in the same specific music style which her fans call the “Gordian”.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors

Angel Olsen is also looking for some of her style that would be close to the classic American folk music she calls “the grand folk”. The album came out in October and was being produced by an army of producers. Angel Olsen has accompanied by the orchestra of 14 members.


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Charlotte Emma Aitchison better known as Charlie XCX performs pop songs that she writes in collaboration with Serena Gomez, Blonde, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabelo. She is also making a documentary on gender equality in the music industry. She has released her new album in September.

Women are likely to return to the top of pop music charts. Plenty of quality songs and exceptional vocals are to prove that fact. Some surprises are yet to come in 2010. So, enjoy your favorite songs and follow what these ladies are doing. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


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