Popular Skill Based Slot Games In 2021

If you ever thought about gambling, chances are that the first thing that came to your mind is slot machines. Famous casinos in Las Vegas or Monaco are places people want to visit at least once in their lifetime, reviving some of the spectacular movie scenes where people try their luck playing slots in casinos. One thing we all have in common is the fact that we all think we’re gonna win. Or at least we want to try to beat the odds.

But what’s the reason for the enormous popularity of this casino game, in comparison to all the others? Movies such as Oceans 13 or Martin Scorsese’s Casino, or What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher, portray slot machines and casino slots as something really exciting, fun, and more importantly – memorable and unforgettable. This could be one of the reasons why slots are so popular, or at least one of the main factors, both when it comes to gambling in brick and mortar casinos, or indulging in one of the online casinos’ adventures.


A good thing about slot machines and playing slot games is the fact that you don’t need that much experience, as if you were playing poker or any other game that needs a lot of time and patience to master. When it comes to slots, you just need to beat the odds or outsmart the house and get lucky enough to win the game (although it’s oftentimes not so simple).

But how did we get slot machines we know of today? When was the first slot machine invented?


You would be surprised to find out that the first poker gambling machine was founded in the 19th century! The very first slot machines could be found at bars and restaurants, and it was very cheap to indulge in the game – for under a dollar. These machines had real cards and drums that would move the cards upward and downward, and the prizes weren’t monetary, but rather certain things such as beverages. However, the complexity of slot machines has increased over the years, and ever since these machines started to allow automatic payouts and more importantly – ever since slot drums have been replaced with reels and cards with symbols, this new and interesting machine has become one of the favorite things for people to try! Prizes changed as well and transformed to money.

All these slot games are mostly luck-based to this very day, but over the years, thousands of slot machines have been manufactured, as well as thousands of online slot games – with different patterns, rules, requirements, prizes, bonuses, designs, and almost anything that you can imagine. In this innumerable collection of slots, new technologies and new needs initiated a change in this category of gambling. Today, slots are not only based on luck, but can also be based on numerous skills, such as reasoning, memory, testing, calculation, and a lot more. These slots are mostly known as skill-based slots or slot games.


But what are skill-based slots anyway? Read this article about slots if you want to get familiar with this type of gambling. Simply put, their name says it all. Those are slot machines or slot games that require not only luck but skills as well. In reality, this means that anyone who wants to indulge in skill-based slot games needs to possess more than pure luck in order to win the prize, which’s usually high and attractive for gamblers. This new category of slots, based on much more than just random numbers, is more similar to traditional skill-based games such as poker, where gamblers or players have a significant impact on the outcome of the game, thanks to their experiences and their gambling skills. That being said, the new slot games generation contains slot games that don’t exclude luck as an important factor – in fact, you can choose between free spins or interactive spins, where you can opt for bonus rounds that are based on your skills, rather than luck. This means that both luck and skill are needed, or you can simply test the randomness of the computer. Whether you race against other cars or play another version of sloths, the prize or your winnings are not fixed – they rather vary depending on your success, which was uncommon for slots until recently.

What games can you play?


Although many brick-and-mortar casinos decided to include skill-based slot machines in their inventory, the research has shown that the majority of skill-based slot games are being played online. However, this is normal, due to the fact that the vast majority of all gambling transferred to online casinos, due to the convenience of easy access, fantastic bonuses, great visuals, and many other benefits of gambling anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks on your phone. If you’re looking for a slot game that’s based on skill, you can visit Google Play Store and find several skill slot apps to download. When determining whether a slot app is good or not, make sure you pay attention to the app speed, graphics, and of course – the winning frequency.

Other than that, you can try games such as Lock and Loaded which is a fun arcade game with slot elements. In this game, your bets, returns, and overall success depend on many factors such as shooting the aliens, getting hit by someone, etc. Arkanoid is another game that includes skills and luck. If shooting projectiles and winning amazing cash prizes sounds like fun to you, then this is the game you should try. Danger Arena is another skill-based game that has luck elements to it and its main goal is to beat all the robots and of course – win the prize in cash.


As you can see, all these games have modern elements blended with the traditional slot elements. This new hybrid gambling system is great because it offers better returns when it comes to the money you’ve invested, and it also tests your reasoning, makes you think, and practices your reflexes. However, if you feel like you just want to see the symbols spinning, and you want to let the computer decide your luck, you can always go for the traditional slot versions. But before you decide what slot game is the best for you, make sure to try them all!

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