Web to Print Business Startups to Get Started with Amidst COVID 19

The one that we considered as the common flu causing virus turned into a pandemic in no time giving a tight slap not just on our health but also our economy when it began to slip many businesses into paralysis. But this is not the end, and those who were planning for a startup can still continue with that amidst COVID-19 with some of the interesting web-to-print business about which we are going to enlighten you in detail.

Printing Industry at Present

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Like all other sectors, the print industry is also deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The offline print shops are experiencing major dips in foot traffic which has made many of them realize the need to go online with the changing times. Also, with customers now preferring to shop online due to the fear of the spread of the virus, it is high time to think of starting a print business online which is very much possible and easy nowadays.

If you are thinking about what print business can you start online as there are hardly any options then you are wrong. The digital shift in the print industry has revolutionized the way prints are used today and people love the concept of digital print so much that they are looking for personalized printed products everywhere from fabric to interiors.

To get started with it, all you need is a print shop software from DesignNBuy which allows printers to sell print online at ease. So, let’s see what all print opportunities are available now which you can give a try and create a web-to-print shop online.

1. T-shirt Printing Business

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One of the most interesting print businesses that are trending right now is the t-shirt printing business. The concept of printed t-shirts boomed the fashion industry as it came with the freedom of personalization using which customers can design t-shirts as and how they desire.

To get started with it, all you need is a DesignNBuy’s – t-shirt design software which allows online printers to make online t-shirt designing simple and fun for their customers. The web-to-print technology in the t-shirt designer software allows print owners to upload products and designate specific layout areas that can be personalized using a visual editor, manage a library of clipart and fonts, and offer pre-designed artwork templates. It is so easy to understand and use that even an amateur person can operate and create great looking t-shirt designs within minutes. The final artwork file generated is high in resolution 300 DPI and conforms to all printing techniques like DTG, Sublimation, and Screen Printing.

2. Digital Textile Printing

Who doesn’t love a custom-made fabric? With custom fabric design web-to-print software, you can allow your customers to get whatever prints they like on a fabric of their choice. Equipped with a design studio for digital fabric printing, the fabric design software will allow your customers to customize editable templates, upload photos or import from 3rd party image libraries, alter the size, elements, image patterns, color and much more to create their personalized fabric layout and generate print-ready files in required format and sizes.

3. Label Design

Another print startup that is doing good in the print market is label designing. With everything from products to packaging changing, labels too can now be personalized. In order to attract customers, brands are experimenting with the complete look of their labels which you as label design and print service provider can provide them with a platform where they can personalize and order labels conveniently.

From photo labels, barcode labels, product labels, packaging labels, mailing labels to asset labels, you can allow your users to customize any ready-to-print labels in different sizes, shapes, and materials, all using the label design studio in it.

4. Sticker Design

Stickers are famous for both personal and professional use like in marketing any business, products, services or events, and the reason they are getting popular now is due to the power of personalization customers can use to customize the stickers as per their requirements.

Therefore, if you are thinking in the line of a sticker printing business, you can confidently go ahead as with a sticker design software, you can allow your customers to edit and personalize an array of pre-defined editable sticker layout templates or create an ideal sticker layout from the scratch by playing with the colors, fonts, shapes, graphics, and styles of their choice. Once done, the customers can even get the print-ready artwork files for production or save it and share it with others if they like.

5. Brochure Design

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A beautifully designed brochure is an attention seeker for any business and to make it unique and appealing; brands are looking for personalized solutions that you can provide in the form of brochure layout and printing service with the help of most advanced brochure design software. By implementing the best brochure software onto your online store, you can offer your end-customers brochure configuration with different types of brochure folds and the sizes, for example, half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, gatefold, etc. along with the live pricing calculator. If you need more help with this you can use brochure design software like Visme.

6. Business Card Design

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If you are thinking about starting something in commercial printing service then an online business card printing is a business you can give a thought about. A fully integrated business card design software will give you the platform to offer your clients the flexibility to layout not only their business cards but also allows printing self-created, dynamic business cards in no time.

The fully responsive online business card design maker with features like mobile-edit, easy-to-use and interactive layout studio interface, robust administration panel, and many other storefront features like live quotes, variable data printing, etc. is sure to give you a good turn of end-users who want to personalize ready-to-use business card design templates and give them their personal touch.

7. Signboard Design

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We see signs everywhere and the part they play in our everyday life is very much important. Now, people are looking for interesting ways to print them which are giving rise to the need for signboard design and print service tremendously. Hence, there is a good scope in it if you are considering it as a startup.

Using the signboard design software on your storefront, you can in no time rise to success by offering standard and customized sign layout online. From designing a signboard, customizing a readymade template in terms of shapes, materials, sizes, colors, typestyles, or special features, to getting them printed, you can allow your end-customers to easily create great and visually appealing signs in a snap, all with your user-friendly sign design online tool.

8. Uniform Configurator

Another simple yet effective web-to-print startup that can prove to be profitable is a custom uniform builder. Since uniforms are unique and personalized, you can allow brands to self-design or customize uniforms as per their industry be it a hospital, corporate, hotel and restaurant, spa and salon, or any other using the uniform design software on your storefront. The complete web2print solution for uniform printing comes with unlimited layouts, live 3D preview, mobile-edit, and a lot more storefront features that your customers will love and keep coming back for more.

9. Awards & trophy design

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If you want to pick a road less traveled, an online award and trophy designing and printing business is the right choice for you. With companies and event organizations taking interest in customizing the awards and trophies, you can think on this line and make it happen easily with trophy design software

With the help of online trophy design software, you can attract users to personalize awards & trophies using the power of personalization that it comes along with and customize everything from the shape and colour of the award to the size and message and add their uniqueness and creativity to get going.


Like every other industry, the print sector is changing and with the COVID-19 effect, will see a lot more transformation in the coming days, therefore; you need to just prepare yourself rather than giving up as this too shall pass soon.

All the above web2print startup ideas are simple and can be easily developed amidst COVID-19. So, just pick one and get ready for the future because this is not the end.

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