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The Pros and Cons of iPhone VPNs – Everything You Need to Know

Any VPN software provides unhindered Internet access and many other benefits. With it, you are able to access sites blocked in particular countries. All content will become open to you, you’ll get free access to BBC, Netflix, or Hulu services. The Zorro VPN helps its users replace their IP addresses so that their Internet providers and other organizations monitoring their traffic think that they are accessing the Internet from another country.
Virtual private networks allow you to book better air tickets, get cheaper hotel rooms, and so on. The Internet connection is protected from hacking, and no one can obtain your personal information or bank card details.

Benefits You Will Get While Using a VPN

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There are many pros and cons of VPN usage to keep in mind before installing any new software. The main benefits offered by such apps include:

You get access to the content available only for specific countries. When traveling abroad, many people want to watch their national news or their favorite movies online. The VPN makes it easy to bypass geo-blocking by changing the IP address. The provider will assume that you are in a different location. It’s enough to select a server located in the required country. For streaming, select a high-speed channel for an easy bypass of blocked sites.

Personal information is protected. Today, all users are forced to submit their personal information when using the Internet, paying for goods; they usually have to indicate their credit card numbers, and much more. This and other data, including ordinary conversations with family and colleagues, must be reliably protected. The use of VPN programs allows you to encrypt information regardless of the Wi-Fi you use to access the web. None of the third parties will be able to find out what information you are viewing on the Internet.

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You are able to save your money. When your IP address changes, it becomes possible for you to buy goods or book tickets at prices offered for residents of other regions. Companies often increase the cost of their products for buyers from particular countries, so by choosing the server of the necessary city, you will be able to purchase products at competitive prices.

Most VPN programs are pretty affordable. For a small fee, they provide free access to various services and complete anonymity when you are online. At the same time, there is no need to install new software and configure it, it’s enough to specify a few parameters in the VPN app and start safe work on the Internet. VPN gives you an opportunity to connect to everything in complete privacy:

  • Hide your IP & logs
  • Secure transactions
  • Access restricted content
  • Block malicious content
  • Block online tracking

Free services for accessing the Internet have their pros and cons of getting a VPN, but, as a rule, such programs are shareware. You will be able to use the app for a limited amount of time or some of the functions will be unavailable. Some servers sell their users’ personal data, which is totally unacceptable. No matter where in the world you are at the moment, using the VPN on your device will give you confidence that your personal information is securely protected and that you have free access to any content. Paid programs can offer users to try using a virtual private network for free. An alternative option is a refund if the program doesn’t work. This makes it easy to evaluate the full functionality of the app before making a purchase.

Disadvantages of VPN That You Should Know Before Using It

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Each customer definitely counts on certain pros and cons of having a VPN, however, before installing any program, you should find out what disadvantages each app has. Programs for secure access to the Internet may significantly reduce the speed of connection; in this case, your online activity is encrypted for sure, but it’s impossible to work properly. All data are loading very slowly, and not everyone is ready to wait for the download to complete. A good VPN doesn’t have these disadvantages, so you should check this aspect before purchasing an app.

Services that restrict access to their content through geo-blocking can also block VPN programs. Because of this, even the use of a virtual network will not allow you to continue watching your favorite movies. The simplest programs cannot cope with the sites’ protection, but modern VPNs are able to bypass any blocking.


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The Internet connection may crash abruptly or it may take longer than usual. The problem, in this case, is not only that the selected content stops loading and you lose the ability to view relevant information. When the connection is lost, your personal data is no longer encrypted. All users will be able to view your IP address or location. Hackers will quickly gain access to the information they need and use it for their own purposes. To prevent accidental data leaks, a good VPN has a special built-in shutdown function. If there are any technical problems, you will be disconnected from the Internet, and no one will be able to steal your personal data.

Incorrect or incomplete configurations may also lead to IP and DNS leaks, and attackers will easily steal your data. Many users are afraid of such problems and don’t want to install VPN programs. In this case, it’s worth paying attention to the fact that special programs will not allow leaks and will provide complete anonymity when you are browsing the Internet.

Simple programs don’t require any special skills to set up. You will just have to choose a server to which you want to connect and start searching for information on the web. Your personal data will be protected, the IP-address will be hidden so that no one will know about your activities. The Internet connection will not be interrupted, and access to restricted content will be opened in seconds. Preliminary testing of the app’s functions can save you from all sorts of connection problems.

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