How to Protect your Small Business from Common Cyber Attacks

Becoming a part of a huge network of websites and brands is difficult. Currently, there are billions of active websites, and we are all trying to make a living out of this, promote our brand, and just become an established and trusted name in the industry. As soon as you set your food on the world wide web, you realize that there are as many risks as there are positive things about it. Cyber attacks are common, and it is said that everyone who’s created a site had to deal with them at least once. Some threats are less serious than others, and most of them will not do you or your site any harm. However, there are those hacks that will breach the data you have, and they may steal everything you have on your site, including your customer’s sensitive information. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to protect your small business from common cyber attacks.

Most common threats


Before we dive into the protection part, let’s first see what can happen to you in case you don’t choose to protect your brand.

The most common threat that occurs is phishing and spamming. What this means is that the attackers may present themselves with your credentials to your customers and people who trust you and get them to click on a link, pr do an action that will lead to unfortunate events. They can reset passwords, steal credentials, and copy data once the person clicks on their link. In addition to this, they can use other people’s platforms to send spamming messages, and even block profiles.

Another thing that could happen is a complete erase of everything that is stored on the site, and they could just delete every piece of information you have. This means that everything you’ve worked for can disappear in a second. To make sure you don’t lose any valuable information, even if this happens to you, you need to do regular backups.

Note that when it comes to cyberattacks, one of the most popular ones is stealing credentials and infiltrating the system. This means that the attackers can easily copy your username and password, and they can use them to monitor everything that’s happening in your corporation, get access to sensitive information, and copy the data of your clients. When they are inside your system, they can do everything they want, including adding, copying, and erasing things.

How to prevent them?


The things that we listed now are just a fraction of the most common threats that happen, and as you can see, most of them can do a lot of harm. Depending on the type of threat, you can end up bankrupt, you can lose your clients, and you can also get sued if your customers find out that their sensitive data has been lost by your website. So, you need to do everything you can to prevent these threats and create a safe and secure environment for yourself, your employees, and most importantly, your customers and clients.

According to Cytelligence, there are many ways you can ensure the safety of your platform, and one of the best ones is doing constant audits. When you do the cybersecurity audits, you will be able to determine any potential threats, see if there is something wrong, and if there is, how bad it is, you can understand the way the whole thing works, and see what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are.

To make sure that your brand is run as it should be, and to try and prevent different types of threats, you should first train your employees. Know that more often than not, we are the ones that do something wrong and that lets attackers into our systems. This does not mean that it is your, or your employees’ fault, it just means that they did not know what they were doing. So, you should think about investing in a course or a training program where they can learn how to avoid these issues, how to recognize different threats, and what they need to do to prevent a larger issue.


Remember that a good antivirus and anti-hack software is a must, and there are a lot of them that you can find on the market. Some are going to be a better fit for your platform than others, and it all depends on the features you need. If you are looking for good software that will protect your corporation, you need to find a good company that creates them, and that will provide more than just the software. Look for a service that will give you well-rounded protection, and that will provide good customer support in case you need something from them. Be on the lookout for a scalable platform that will give you the option to choose the right features for you and your business.

As we mentioned before, you need to do constant backups so that you will always have your data, even in case something goes wrong. Remember that you will benefit from this even if there is no attack, and even if something goes wrong during the upgrade of the software.

Be aware of the credentials and the access you give to others, and remember that layering is a must. Not every employee needs to have admin access to everything, and know that the more access everyone has, the greater the chances are of something going wrong. So, to be extra secure, control the access to all the systems and data that you have stored, and make sure you monitor everything that’s happening on your platform.

These are some of the things you can do to protect your business and prevent different types of threats. Secure all the networks and data, and remember that encryption goes a long way. When it comes to authentication, use different layers of it, and don’t rely on passwords only. Create complex passwords and change them regularly. Have your employees and clients do the same to add an additional layer of safety. Know that there are a lot of companies nowadays that can help you with all of this, so choose the right one that you can benefit from the most.

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