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5 Steps To Take To Protect Your Rights After A Car Accident

You have planned your vacation to pass without a hitch. You checked everything, packed the family, took basic medication, took out all the fuses in the house. What you couldn’t plan for was a collision with another vehicle on the way to your summer destination. Do not let this inconvenience find you unprepared. Just carefully read what steps you need to take in case you have a car accident. You should know the procedure to protect your rights after a car accident occurs.

A Traffic Accident Can Happen To Anyone

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A car accident is a problem in itself. You have experienced stress, you have material damage, and you or one of your travel companions may be injured. So you need to know some basic rules of behavior in this situation. Although you may be a cautious driver – this does not mean that you will not encounter any less responsible drivers, or simply a poor judgment may occur while driving. Unfortunately, this has already become a daily occurrence on roads around the world.

What Problems Do We Face Then?

The problems multiply when it is necessary to remove and dispose of a damaged vehicle from the scene of an accident. Also, you have to choose a suitable service where your vehicle will get repair – and you have to get replacement parts while you report the damage to the insurance company. There are, of course, compensation for injuries, damages, hospital treatments, fears suffered – as well as the consequences of road accidents. However, you must know what to do in such cases. What to do, what forms to fill out, and what information you need to be able to protect your rights and property? Unfortunately, these situations can happen to anyone – and therefore it is important you know what steps you should take so your rights are well protected.

Steps We Must Take In Case Of An Accident

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If you have a car accident, no matter who is responsible for it – try to stay alert and follow the procedures that have to be obeyed in these situations. If there are injuries or fatalities in the accident, provide injured people first aid if you are able – and call an ambulance and police immediately. Each participant of a car accident is obliged to stay at the scene of the accident.

1.  Do Not Leave The Scene Of The Accident

Injured persons in an accident at a given moment suffer from high levels of stress and primary fear. You must remain calm and alert when possible. Whether you were the injured driver, passenger or pedestrian – first notify the police and the ambulance about the incident. By no means – unless you are in urgent need of medical attention – do not leave the scene and move your vehicle until the police arrive. After the traffic police have done their job and recorded the accident – and if you have sustained injuries – contact the doctor within 48 hours at the latest. It would be your responsibility to continue the treatment to the fullest on the advice of a physician.

2.  Keep An Eye On The Continuity Of The Examinations Performed

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In some countries, the law states that any feeling of pain that has lasted less than 3 days-  is not an injury. That means that one can take the position that the injury is minimal and does not merit compensation. Therefore, the continuity of examinations and conscientious treatment must be taken into account. Often there are problems with incomplete medical records, incorrect description of objective injuries by doctors, etc.

The patient is being assisted and cared for by trauma injuries without paying attention to other types of damage that cannot be seen at first glance. For example, there are a growing number of people lately complaining about the health effects caused by the aqueous film-forming foams often used at the scene of a traffic accident. According to, problems arise when this protective agent begins to cause changes in human immunity causing health problems. Therefore, when it comes to compensation, injury or impaired health – it must be recorded to qualify for compensation.

3.  Provide All The Information You Can Get

If you are injured and the person who caused the accident wants to leave the accident scene – if you are able, try to get his information and remember the registration plates of the vehicle that caused the accident. Regardless of the aforementioned situation, report your accident to the competent authorities. If you are harmed by an unknown vehicle without having any information about it – try to see if there were any eyewitnesses to your accident. Ask them to stay and help you. Call the police and the ambulance from the scene.

4. You Should Have Compulsory Liability Insurance

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Auto liability insurance is a legally required insurance that is concluded when registering a motor vehicle. The function of liability insurance is to protect the policyholder in case of causing damage to a third party by reimbursing the costs that would otherwise be paid by the policyholder. This type of insurance is mandatory in almost all countries and offers you two coverage options – personal injury and property damage. All drivers are required to have both types of policies.

5.  Capture Everything You See ( or don’t see )

In addition to the law, we also suggest you follow procedures in case of a car accident. Make sure you immediately photograph the scene of the accident, from all angles and corners. Make a photo of the damage to the vehicles. This way, you will have the right position of all those involved in the accident. Also, some other circumstances that caused the accident (other vehicles that were improperly parked, objects on the road, animals on the road, etc.) – might become visible. Also, record all accident participants with your camera on your cell phone – and make sure you make a short video too. You can immediately send the photo and video to yourself by email – as well as to your insurance agent if you have one. Therefore, you can have proof of which there have been no subsequent changes.

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