Reach a Larger Audience with the Latest Features for Instagram Promotion

Instagram is a great platform for the promotion of businesses, including music. It allows artists to create posts that draw attention to their musical creations and share snippets of their tracks. They can also use the platform’s hashtags to improve their visibility. Artists can work with influencers to craft sponsored posts that will reach a broader audience.

The next article will consider a path to use the best options for Instagram Promotion to grow an audience.

With Instagram Live, artists can broadcast their tracks to a larger audience and interact with fans in real time. It also allows musicians to share short clips of their music videos on Instagram Stories. As a result, fans can easily keep up-to-date with their favorite artists. Also, the Instagram Explore page allows users to find new songs, further exposing an artist’s music.

Recent features of Instagram marketing?


Instagram unveils new features to assist brands and resolve business issues. You may find it difficult to stay abreast of recent Instagram updates. Fortunately, the features described below will help you modify your business and execute a successful promotional campaign. Learning how to use them will be of great help to your brand.

Account status update

The feature has been expanded to allow professional users, including artists, to determine if their content is eligible and considered for recommendation. Qualified posts will reach your non-followers in their Feed Recommendations, Explore, and Reels. Recommended content often experiences a wider reach, helping artists to gain more engagement and views.

The “Account Status” feature also helps in resolving content problems. It will help you identify issues with your post that don’t align with the Community guidelines and correct them.

Instagram Reels achievements


The feature encourages content creators to enhance their content by crafting more Reels. You can accomplish a goal using various Reel features, unlocking an achievement. Once attained, you will get a notification containing a link to gather more information about your accomplishment. Besides, you will find out actions to take to realize your next achievement.

Unlocking Reels achievement is possible through the following ways

  • You can work with other artists and creators through the Collabs tool or Remix. Also, you can include interactive Stickers on your Reels.
  • Using Reel effects or trending audio can help you attain Trendspotter achievement.
  • You can earn Creative streak achievement by posting several Reels each week.

Add music to posts

Users can now add music to photo posts. Previously, you could add songs to Reels and videos. Artists can have more engagement on their tracks through this new development. Use the following steps to add songs to Feed photos.

  • Tap (+) on the page’s top right when you open the app.
  • Pick a picture from your gallery or take one.
  • Select “Next” and click “Next” at the top.
  • Hit the “Add Music” button and pick a track from the list. Also, you can search your music library for a song.
  • Choose the section of the track you desire to add to the picture using a sliding bar down the page.
  • Then, select “Done” and click “Share” at the top of the page.

Instagram Gifts

This feature helps artists and other creators to receive gifts for Reels. You can receive money from fans who love your content. They can buy “Stars” on the app to send gifts to their favorite artists. You can activate the function for receiving stars on your professional dashboard.

Instagram assists artists and other creators in promoting their content by focusing on messaging and video features. The platform brings users with similar interests together and encourages networking.

Instagram has played a huge part in helping musicians grow and earn from their art in the past years, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop. The platform not only allows fans to get a glimpse into these artists’ personal lives, but it also allows these artists to sell themselves more effectively to them. Superstars who make good use of this platform have managed to promote not just their music but also their non-music businesses and have grown their net worth enormously as their following on the platform increases.

5 Prominent Musicians Who Use Their Instagram For Promo Needs


Some of the musicians have taken advantage of their huge Instagram following to promote their music, personal brands, and other affiliated brands.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena has been in the spotlight since the release of her and her band’s debut album in 2009. Her career has blossomed since then, and so has her influence on Instagram. She has about 369 million followers on Instagram, and it has been an important medium for promoting all her music and events. Likewise, she has promoted brands like Puma and Hulu on her page but has been more focused on promoting her own brand, Rare Beauty.

2. Ariana Grande

The Disney star-turned-music icon has definitely been relentless in spreading her wings through the years. Ariana’s Instagram followers have grown to about 349 million, and she hasn’t failed to take advantage of this to promote her brand and her music. Apart from her music, the superstar also owns the makeup brand Rembeauty and has used her Instagram account as the main marketing channel to promote this product.

3. Justin Bieber


Justin released his first song in 2009 and hasn’t left the limelight since. His growth in the music industry and his increased popularity are evidenced in his Instagram following, as he currently has about 273 million followers on the platform. The singer has certainly put the platform to good use in promoting his music and brand. Drew House, which had total sales of about $1 million per year as of 2024 (according to, continues to use Instagram as its primary promotion channel.

4. Nicki Minaj

The beautiful mother of one and an absolute idol in the music industry has everyone in a chokehold, both on our TV screens and on social media. The superstar has an Instagram following of about 207 million followers and has been focused on promoting her songs, collaborations, and events. Nicki also promotes different brands and is currently the global ambassador for Maximbetusa.

5. Katy Perry

The American singer and songwriter have been on our screens since 2008. After so many years, she’s still going strong. The singer has 186 million followers on Instagram, which she has used to promote her brand. Her shoe line, “Katy Perry,” has seen enormous growth since its launch in 2017, and her Instagram promotion has definitely played a huge part.

Instagram has evolved from just being a medium for sharing pictures to playing a huge part in growing brands and giving them greater reach. It is also a great platform for fans to keep up with their favorite artists outside just their music. Having a huge following could have its bad sides, especially with trolls. These music icons are aware of this and have maximized the platform to promote their music and brands. They are doing well for themselves.

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