5 Reasons to Use Mobile Serviced Storage in Melbourne

There are many types of mobile storage out there, offered by different companies. But, have you considered using mobile serviced storage?

Emphasize the word serviced. Mobile serviced storage is premium mobile storage. Why is it the premium mobile storage?

Stick with us, and we’ll share all about mobile serviced storage and all the reasons why you should use it.

What Is Mobile Serviced Storage?


Mobile serviced storage is the most convenient and time-saving storage solution on the market. It is premium mobile storage and has helped many people move, renovate, and declutter in under a day.

So, How does mobile serviced storage work exactly?

Like most mobile storage, mobile serviced storage uses containers. So, if you book mobile serviced storage, the company will deliver a container direct to your home or business.

After that, a team of professional removalists will do all the packing and loading. You won’t need to lift a finger. You can even leave the removalists to work while you catch up on your own work.

Once all is loaded and ready to go, the removalists will transport the container to the company’s secure storage facility.

That’s why this service is called the premium service. The only thing you need to do is phone the company.

5 Reasons to Use Mobile Serviced Storage


1. Fully Serviced from Start to End

Mobile serviced storage is an end-to-end service. With just one phone call from you, the company will do all the heavy lifting(literally).

All your heavy furniture will be taken care of. The removalists who will work on your house know the tricks to get heavy furniture into the container easily.

They will pack all your things with protection materials, like packing paper, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets.

Once protected and wrapped, the removalists will carefully stack and arrange your items securely, with heavier furniture acting as the ‘base’, with the more fragile items well protected.

Because of this expert knowledge, these removalists will do all the packing and loading in under a day. This definitely saves you time loading all of that yourself.

2. Cheaper Than Self-Storage

Believe it or not, even after all the benefits of premium service, mobile serviced storage is still cheaper than self-storage in the long run.

Sure, with mobile serviced storage you will need to pay for delivery fees. However, if you are planning to store for a long time, it is definitely the cheaper option. Depending on the container size you choose, you only have to pay:

  • 6ft Containers 🡪 fit 2 bedrooms worth of stuff 🡪 $3.27 per day 🡪 $22.95 per week.
  • 8ft Containers 🡪 fit 2.5 bedrooms worth of stuff 🡪 $4.7 per day 🡪 $24.95 per week.
  • 10ft Containers 🡪 fit 3 bedrooms worth of stuff 🡪 $6.13 per day 🡪 $34.95 per week.
  • 20ft Containers 🡪 fit 3-4 bedroom house worth of stuff 🡪 $8.56 per day 🡪 $59.95 per week.

If you calculate the monthly fee, it will be far lower than using a self-storage facility.

3. Free Complimentary Items


Unlike many other services on the market, mobile self-storage comes with the additional benefit of including complimentary packing materials.

Packing materials like furniture blankets and tie-downs are provided for free. If you choose an industry leader, that is.

So, make sure you choose the company carefully before booking your mobile storage.

4. Excellent Protection for Your Things

The containers are made from quality steel that is durable and versatile. So, you can store anything in there (except for organic matter and gas) and your items will be safe from damage.

The containers are waterproof, dustproof, and vermin-proof. Moreover, these containers can withstand harsh weather, so they can survive being stored outdoors.

The steel is also thick, so the containers are almost impenetrable. Therefore, attempts at theft can be immediately prevented.

If you choose a company that makes security a priority, you will likely find containers with padlock protectors. So, attempts at damaging the padlock to get in the container will be futile.

5. No Fixed Contracts and Covered by Insurance

Sometimes people need to use the container for a short time, sometimes they need it longer. Storage companies have to accommodate these needs, so make sure you’re looking for a company without a fixed contract.

This means you won’t be bound to let go of the container after a set period of time. Whatever you need the container for, having the freedom to decide how much or little time you need is important.

You can rent the container for 10 months or 10 years, up to you.

Another good thing is all these containers come with insurance. In the unlikely event that your items are damaged, you need to have the assurance that you’re protected.

With insurance, you can be assured that if damages do occur, you will be reimbursed.



Mobile serviced storage can help you store your things without any hassle. Professional removalists will deliver, load, and store your container with just one phone call.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from mobile serviced storage. It is cheaper than the usual self-storage facilities. It also fits a lot more things and you can choose from a variety of sizes and pick the perfect fit.

Along with the container, there will also be complementary items like furniture blankets, and tie-downs. That way, you save plenty of money by not buying a bunch of them.

The container itself is also really strong and impenetrable, so your belongings are protected from the weather, water, dust, and vermin. It is also really thick, so theft attempts can be prevented early.

Lastly, you don’t need to sign any contract for the container. You can rent it for as long or as little as you want without any fear of your storage availability lapsing. Plus, you will have insurance, so if damages happen you will get reimbursed.

Looking at all these benefits, what’s stopping you from giving mobile serviced storage a try?

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