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7 Reasons to Rent a Boiler for a New Home – 2024 Guide

There are various heating systems to choose from. It includes a forced-air furnace and a boiler. But in comparison to any heating system including the traditional chimney, the boiler is well known to offer the best quality of heating inside the home.

Choosing boiler systems depends on the geographical location as the season varies in different countries. Some may need a heating system more than any other, while some demand air conditioners.

Seasons change radically and only lasts for a period of time. As such, many prefer to rent a boiler. Most likely, it will be more cost-efficient to rent than buy one, considering that it will only be highly needed for three months, and other seasons take place afterward.

7 Reasons to rent instead of owning your own Boiler

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The common problem of boilers is the responsibility of maintenance. Add to it the repair cost. It’s one of the few reasons why some businessmen took the initiative to offer boiler renting, primarily for a homeowner to benefit the heating system in times of need. But for those who are yet to decide to get a boiler or not, this will serve as a guide to help them out.

1. Placing Space of Boiler

The first thing to consider when getting a boiler is where it will be installed, as it will take a lot of space. Commonly, it is found in the basement or underground.

The only difficult aspect of boiler systems is how they are installed. It must be placed in an area with a warm temperature, which means that it will be installed indoors and will certainly occupy space inside your home.

2. Cost of Purchase

The boiler is also well known in the market as the most expensive among the heating systems. Price ranges depending on the quality, around $2500 to $4,000 for mid-efficiency, while high-efficiency boilers run up to $5,000 to $10,000. Hence, it is wise to rent instead of purchasing one.

3. Costly to Install

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If the boiler is a necessity at home, be sure to prepare both payment for the technician and the cost of installation. The cost of extra charges due to the complexity of installation is a bit pricey. Knowing that multiple kinds of boilers are available for renting, it is cost-efficient to go into that direction.

A good example is Boiler Rentals by that offers full package services for urgent heating system needs.

4. Cost of Labor upon Installation

The cost of labor for installing boiler systems can be expensive. Charges may vary depending on how many days the technician will finish the job. But it requires expedited work, which may hasten the job.

Since it connects to the plumbing lines and the waterline will be compromised, whilst the job is ongoing. It is suggested for new homeowners who plan to put or install a boiler that the home is not yet occupied during the phase of installation.

In some cases, homeowners can qualify for a boiler and central heating grant under the ECO initiative. Find out how to apply for a replacement boiler grant with Warma UK.

5. System Maintenance

System maintenance is optional but worth the investment. The significance of system maintenance is the security that the boiler is working well, and does not have any malfunction.

In addition to that, in case the item broke, technicians will repair it but it will take time due to the fact that many homeowners might also request for repairs, specifically in the winter. This can be considered as a peak season for technicians to do repair services.

6. Cost of Repair

This is a fact that everyone hates. The cost of the repairs can be added to the list of emergency expenses, as no one can actually predict when the item will break or stop working. Most cases are related to broken parts, and replacement parts for boilers can be more expensive, even more than those for forced air systems.

7. Incompatible with Air Conditioner

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Lastly, the boiler is incompatible with the air conditioner. Yes, it is possible but not suggested. The reason is the fact that both systems require ductwork upon installation. Moreover, the boiler’s ductwork only provides heating. Thus, you can’t cool your home with a boiler. If you already have A/C at your home, better consider renting a boiler instead of owning one.


In the old days, most homes were equipped with chimneys for heating purposes, especially during the winter season. Nowadays, boilers are the options as a way to adapt to modernization. But both have the same purpose, and that is to provide heat during cold days. Some choose forced air furnaces, also for the same purpose, but issues of uneven heat are common. Still, having a boiler is quite an advantage, especially that it heats the home evenly. Regardless of your choice of heating system, saving money while living in comfort will always be an excellent combination for brighter living.

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