9 Things Your Ringtone Says About Your Personality

The sound of your mobile phone should really represent you. Although most users usually leave the original sound that is automatically set as soon as the phone leaves the factory, you should not resort to that habit.

According to some research conducted by Forbes, a surprisingly large percentage of people think you’re not cool if your phone has a standard ringtone. Although we can’t blame them because how can a tune that has been processed by a computer sound cool? That’s right, it doesn’t sound nice at all.

And if you’re the one who, with every purchase of a new phone, first sets your ringtone, and then everything else here’s what the tune says about you:

1. That You Are An Introvert


If you prefer that your phone does not have any sound at all and that the vibration is constantly on, you must be very careful. Or maybe you once had an unpleasant situation where your phone rang, for example at a funeral, and from that day on you firmly decided that the silent mode was your new religion.

Either way, you sure don’t want to feel other people’s eyes on you when your phone rings. To be fair, this option is not so bad in a cinema or in a theater where it is customary to turn off the sound of your telephone.

2. That You Are Boring

If your ringtone has been set to the original one since day one, you must be very bored. We’re joking, of course, but people usually associate this phenomenon with a boring person.

Maybe you just found it tiring to change it and now you’re used to it, but then that just means you’re lazy. However, according to psychological studies, it was determined that you are not so basic after all, you just like safe and already confirmed good things. And there is nothing wrong with that.

3. You Have Extra Time

Of course, this is not necessarily the case, but if your chosen melody is the song that is the first on all the billboards, you may have extra time or you are just simply young. If you are young, we understand your need to adapt to trends. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re trendy.

So rather choose songs that you really like than those that are just currently hot.

4. You Get Bored Easily


When you change the sound of your phone every day or every week, it can be said that you quickly get fed up with one thing. We can’t judge whether you’re really like that with friends or partners, but you’re not exactly the most reliable person on the planet.

Let’s face it, who can trust a person who isn’t sure what ringtone to set? We sure can’t.

But then again, maybe you just to hear new sounds every time someone remembers you all gives you a call. But then again, isn’t that a little extra?

But to be fair, one could also say that you are dedicated. You really put effort into something so insignificant that you still have to be given the accolade of being the most dedicated person on the planet.

Since we have concluded that your obsession is changing your phone’s ringtone, here is a good recommendation for you. On the site, you can find songs or sounds that will make your next search for the perfect ringtone easier.

5. That You Are Immature

We won’t lie to you, if your choice of theme is from a movie or series, it means you haven’t finished high school yet. Even if it’s the well-known whistle from Kill Bill, unfortunately, you’re not cool if you’re over 18.

And how can you be cool when your only obsession is obviously a movie or series?

We’re just joking, of course. Who doesn’t love a good Imperial March ringtone?

6. Maybe You Are A Narcissist

If the sound of your phone is actually your voice while you are talking or singing, it is no wonder that others get the impression that you are a narcissist. As much as it may seem like a super fun option to you, others actually find it terribly tiring and cringe.

Even if you use the voice of a baby or your loved one as a tone, we cannot say that you will be very accepted in society. Don’t think it’s just us, in fact, Tesco mobile has found with their research that most people consider you annoying.

7. You Are Probably An Old Soul


Let’s get one thing straight. There is nothing wrong with being an old soul – unless you are a teen and you try your hardest to look mature. Then, that’s just wrong. Get it together.

So, how do we know you’re an old soul? Bach’s your ringtone. Or Mozart. Or Tchaikovsky. Either way, you prefer to spend your nights with a glass of cognac listening to music that’s older than America. And, to be fair, we’re all for it. Good for you!

8. You Can Be Annoying

It’s okay to love animals. In fact, we all love animals, but not so much that it would be our ringtone on the phone. The sound of chimpanzees laughing is cute only to you. And a roaring lion actually says how much of a beta male you actually are.

While you may find this humorous, others will most likely find you annoying. And we believe that you would not like to leave such an impression.

9. You Are Cool

Or you think you are. Anyway, if you chose a pop song, you’re probably the IT girl in the group. Everyone knows you’re cool, and you know you’re cool too.

Then again, your ringing tune is probably not cool for everyone, but that’s okay. That doesn’t matter to you. You can’t be bothered with it and you don’t care what your ringtone or anyone else says about you.



To be honest, none of this matters as long as you like your choice. It doesn’t matter what people think or what impression you leave on society. Unless you decide to set your voice as a ringtone. Then you can’t be helped. Don’t be that guy.

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