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Rubber Feet And Bumpers – What Are They?

You might not know what rubber feet and bumper are, but their use in everyday life is numerous. There isn’t an appliance that doesn’t use some form of rubber feet and bumpers.

Our homes are filled with stuff that needs some way of keeping it together from slipping on slippery surfaces. As it stands, rubber is the perfect material that provides these appliances the ability to not only improve the grip but also protect them from scratches.

There are dozens of industries that use rubber feet and bumpers on items such as furniture, car parts, speakers, and tons of other items and appliances.

Their use in both exterior and interior appliances and devices makes them one of the most sought-after items in everyday living. And while not many people know what these are, they are a linchpin of modern manufacturing.

So, with all that said, let’s talk a bit more about them.

Advantages of Rubber Feet and Bumpers

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To put it simply, there are tons of advantages to using these small items.

However, let’s name a few advantages.


The primary use of these items is to protect various equipment, items, devices, and appliances from scratches. They come in all sizes, but that isn’t really a factor that dictates how well they protect from scratches.

To put it shortly, appliances can easily obtain scratches from the floor that would make the item look very old and worn out. With rubber feet and bumpers, safely protecting appliances, devices, and items from sharp edges is a thing of the past.

Shock and Impact Absorption

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If the first advantage protected appliances, devices, and items from scratches, then the second one protects from shock and impact.

This is why these items are used a lot with electronic devices that create vibrations. Electronic devices such as speakers are very prone to vibration emitting from the speakers themselves.

This is because sound creates vibration, so we needed a way to absorb that vibration. Well, as it turns out, these items are excellent for that. Every speaker is manufactured with rubber feet and bumpers in them so they can absorb the vibrations that it emits.

This way, the parts are protected from bumping into each other and that increases the overall life expectancy of electronic devices and devices that record a lot of vibrations.

Leave No Marks On the Floor

Yet another advantage that comes with these is the fact that you put them on chairs, tables, ladders, items, etc to protect the floor from scratches.

They’re attached to the bottom of the legs of tables and chairs so they don’t scratch the floor whenever we move them around.

This is something that you’ve probably seen around the kitchen and around the house. It is also the biggest use in the home and that’s what makes them so popular and great.

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of rubber feet and bumpers that exist, make sure to visit EtolRubber.

Prevention of Slippage

Yet another advantage of using rubber feet and bumpers is that the material is excellent when you need to prevent items from slipping. This is mostly the case whenever furniture or various items, devices, and appliances come into contact with a slippery surface such as water, polished wooden floors, and other surfaces.

In other cases, they are used on the base of the legs on devices that are stacked on top of each other. The biggest example of this is your home speaker system.

Remember when we talked about vibrations? Well, speakers emit vibrations and can easily knock out things on the ground. By giving the particular device or item a rubbery surface to stand on, the vibrations will be reduced and also the risk of falling over and breaking.

Reduces Sound

This is a very annoying thing that happens all the time. But you can put an end to it if you use rubber feet and bumpers.

Namely, chairs, tables, and other furniture emit sound whenever you drag it along the floor. This can be very loud and very frustrating to deal with.

By giving manufacturers a rubbery surface of furniture pieces, they are essentially eliminating this annoying issue. This might not be a problem at home, but it is certainly a problem when a quiet environment is necessary such as a classroom.

For Spacing and Ventilation

A lot of devices generate heat as they operate. This is the case for most electronic devices and household appliances.

But the heat that’s being generated is bad other parts of the device. When two heated parts get into contact, then there is a possibility of both to meet each other or other parts.

This is why rubber feet and bumpers are placed to separate parts from each other and provide them the necessary breathing space.

This ensures longevity with electronic devices and ensures that the device will operate for years to come.

They’re Customizable

And the best thing about them is the fact that customization is very easy and very convenient. This is quite possibly a benefit that has revolutionized the industry.

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of rubbery items that can accommodate any surface, any item, and you can even customize the color.

There are many reasons why tons of industries use these items; all you have to do is look a bit deeper why.

Most Common Applications

We’ve talked endlessly about items, devices, appliances, etc, but where do we use them the most? Well, let’s talk a bit about that.

The most obvious answer would be on tables, chairs, ladders, etc. These are mostly household items.

They also have a huge usage in the automotive industry in the making of vehicles. Their usage is very popular in the making of automotive parts.

An obvious answer would also be in speakers as shock and vibration resistants. And finally, we see them a lot as door stoppers and at the back of picture frames.

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