How Do You Safely Trade Items On CS: GO – 2024 Guide

Have you ever wondered how you can boost your CS:GO profits and make money while playing your favorite game? In this article, we will share some of the most important CS:GO trading tips that will help you earn a fortune. You must have wondered how other players manage to earn a lump sum amount from this game in a short amount of time. Well, let us tell you that it is not any difficult task!

CS:GO has been very popular for a long time and is also known as the predecessor of all similar games.

When it comes to the commodities available in counter-strike GO, you will easily find items or cosmetics that cost a few pennies. Additionally, based on how rarely a particular item is available it may cost you some thousand dollars as well.


Back in the day, players were seen trading these commodities among themselves and soon this trade turned into a stock market where the players were found searching the shops to find bargains so that they could buy and sell the commodities. They were then seen trading the items almost every day because of the high price involved. Soon, trading on the platform became one of the credible ways of earning money.

Scammers are everywhere, and counter strike GO is no exception. However, if you know how to trade, what to expect, what things to pay attention to, etc. you can very easily avoid all scams that players usually confront while trading on the platform. The below-mentioned tips are helpful in trading items and they will also be beneficial in cutting down costs as well. If looking to trade your items in a better way and carry out trustworthy trade, we recommend having a look at

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How can you trade?


Trade is the essence of CS: GO and several other games that operate on the Steam market. To get started with the trading process, you need to ensure that the account that you own is competent for the transactions. The account is required to have a steam card enabled at least for 15 days and you will have to make a valid purchase through the card, that should preferably be a week older, but not more than that.

When above-stated requirements are fulfilled by your account, it will be rendered open for trading on the platform. However, if you change devices after activating your account, minor delays are possible.

  • You will need to first open Steam to get started. You can choose between the Steam client or the official web page since both are enough for the trick.
  • Your name will appear in between the chat tabs and the community at the top of the screen, and you need to hover on it.
  • A list of your friends will appear.
  • From there you are required to pick the friends of yours with whom you want to trade, and you need to enter their profile, to get started.
  • After the names end on one page, you can click on more to get some other additional profiles available. The option is more like an arrow pointing down to some profiles. This option will always be available a few inches apart at the right side of their names.
  • If interested in a profile, you are required to select the option that says “Offer a Trade”.
  • Now, you can click, drag and drop the items or pieces that you want to trade from both lists of inventories available on the trade boxes.
  • If not sure about which item to pick and begin with, you can also reveal them by selecting from the games to which they belong to, initially.
  • To make sure that you want to trade certain products or contents, you need to check the box.
  • Click on the option to make an offer to your friend.

After the above procedures are complete, your offer will be sent to the person with whom you are interested in a trade. They will then get a chance to scrutinize the offer and observe it before they accept to trade. If the opponent is happy with the offer you made, they will accept it to take the process further. They will have to accept the terms to get started.

Avoid Scams on the Platform


The only piece of advice that a current trader will give to beginners is that you should take an ample amount of time before sending out a trade offer and getting started. Scammers present on the platform are always found rushing and pushing the players to get started with the trade process and make an offer. This often refrains them from having a closer look at the minute details that may cause major blunders.

Numerous items on the Steam store have several rarities and they all share the same thumbnail, which is at times confusing. The difference between them will only be inferred when you hover all of them one after the another. Even a small difference between the rarity will change the price of an item and the price change can be in thousands of dollars. It means you should not hesitate in taking time and deciding.

Before making a trade, make sure that you have a look at the profile in which you are interested. If you find anything suspicious, do not move ahead. You will also find reviews of their profiles of the past traders who went into a trade with them.

The Bottom Line

One of the major reasons for ensuring the integrity of a trade that you want to get into is that you will not get the items back by the Steam trader once traded. If scammed, it’s gone. The platforms doesn’t have any control over it, and so choose reliable traders.

When trading for the first time on the platform, we recommend starting small and then gradually increasing the amount as feasible.

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