Top 10 Sex Scandals of Tollywood

Tollywood, renowned for its grand cinematic productions, affable stars, and preservation of traditional elements, has carved a distinct niche in the film industry. Despite its reputation for mega movies and humility, Tollywood, like any other entertainment industry, has not been immune to controversies and scandals. Regrettably, a number of sex scandals within the realm of Tollywood have reverberated throughout the nation, sending shockwaves across the populace.

The controversies underscore the challenges faced by the industry in maintaining a delicate balance between artistic expression, public expectations, and the personal lives of its stars. While Tollywood continues to contribute significantly to the cultural landscape, the controversies serve as a reminder that even the glitzy world of cinema is not exempt from the complexities and pitfalls of human behavior. So let’s look at the top 10 sex scandals of Tollywood as per research done on this Celebrity Escort website.

1. Akshara Hassan Private picture Leak


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Akshra Hassan is the daughter of legendary Tamil actor Kamal Hassan. She made her debut in the movie Shamitabh. If we move towards the scandalous side of Akshara she got her private pictures leaked in 2017.

These pictures were semi-nude in nature and we’re showcasing the sexy body of Akshara. For the fans of Akshara, it was a big Scandal. However, this thing didn’t stop there. It was not the only time that the private pictures of Akshara leaked. They leaked again in 2017 and then Multiple times in 2018. In all of these, the private body of Akshara is easily visible.

2. Andrea Jeremiah and Anirudh Ravichandran MMS leaked


Andrea Jeremiah is an Anglo-Indian actress who actively works in Tamil cinema. She is also a composer and Playback singer in Tamil and Malayalam movies. Andrea is the daughter of Chennai’s High Court judges.

She dated Anirudh Ravichandran for a brief period. Anirudh Ravichandran is also a famous music composer and Playback singer who works in Tollywood.

During a project when they both worked Together Andrea and Anirudh both got really close in an intimate way. Later some of the pictures and videos of their private nighttime moments leaked on the internet. This was amongst one of the biggest sex scandals in Tollywood.

3. Hansika Motwani Private Photo Leak


Hansika Motwani started her career in 2001 as a child actress in Tamil and Telugu Cinema. Later as she grew she became one of the famous heroines of Tollywood. However, she also wasn’t able to save herself from these sex scandals.

This beauty who earlier was famous for her acting and philanthropic activities was now in the limelight for a sex scandal. Some of the private pics of Hansika Motwani leaked on the internet from her phone. These pics contained some intimate and private things that weren’t meant for the general public. This was a big scandal in Tollywood due to the fame of Hansika.

4. Leaked pics of Nayanthara


Nayanthara is the darling of South cinema. She is one of the most famous actresses of Tollywood. She has shared the screen with all the big stars. However, like many big stars, she was also not safe from scandals. In 2014 Nayanthara was also a part of a big sex scandal. Nayanthara was dating the Tamil star Silambarasan.

Their relationship was very famous. However, one day some intimate Pics of both yeh stars got leaked on social media and instantly became viral. In that pic, you could see both Nayanthara and Silambarasan kissing in an intimate position. This was one of the biggest sex scandals in Tollywood in the year 2014.

5. Trisha’s Intimate Pics with Rana and Dhanush got Leaked


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The sex scandal of Trisha Krishnan is too big to hide. Her private pics got leaked with two of the biggest Tollywood stars. Trisa is a well-known actress in South cinema. She dated the Bahubali Star Rana Daggubati for a brief period after her breakup with her previous boyfriend.

Shortly after Trisha’s breakup with Rana the intimate private pics and a small clip of them in intimate moments got leaked on the internet which created a sensation. But it wasn’t the end. The intimate pics of Trisha again got leaked over the internet when she was dating the megastar Dhanush. This was one of the biggest sex scandals of Tollywood. It is said that these pics were leaked by the Tamil singer #Suchileaks.

6. Vasundhara Kashyap’s Leaked Private Images


Vasundhara Kashyap is a famous Tamil actress. She has starred in lots of hit Tami movies. However, a few years back she was also caught in the sexual scandals of Tollywood. The intimate private pics of Vasundhra with her boyfriend got leaked on the internet and went viral.

Vasundhara’s boyfriend wasn’t a famous one however as Vasundhara was a famous star the leaked images went viral quickly. These images contained pics of Vasundhra and her boyfriend in semi-nude intimate condition. For the fans of Vasundhra, this sex scandal of Tollywood was an absolute treat.

7. Amoolya’s intimate pic with director Rathnaja


Amoolya is a very famous Kannada actress. She has a smoking hot figure and her fans absolutely adore her. A while back Amoolya was dating the director Rathnaja and this was where one of the most famous controversies of the Kannada Film Industry took place.

While they were dating, the private images of Amoolya and the director Rathnaja doing French Kiss were leaked. This lip-locked image of the couple became one of the most smoking sex scandals in the Tollywood Industry. Following the leak of their private pictures the couple broke up and went their separate ways.

8. Tamil Actress Ranjitha With Swami Nithyananda


During the 90’s this MMS sex Scandal of Tollywood became famous in the whole of India. This sex scandal involved self-proclaimed Tamil Godman Swami Nityanand and the famous Tamil Actress Ranjitha. In this leaked MMS video you could see both Nityanand and Ranjitha in the room together.

They were sharing some intimate moments in the bed in privacy. This MMS when it came out shocked the entire country. Both Swami Nityanand and Ranjitha denied their presence in the video and labeled it as a fake. Ranjitha even went to court to justify that she wasn’t present in the video. This sex scandal was one of the most smoking-hot controversies of Tollywood.

9. Intimate Images of Divyadarshini with her Boyfriend


Tamil TV anchor Dhivyadharshini was the next target of Singer Suchitra Karthik or #Suchileaks. Suchitra leaked one of the most intimate and scandalous images of the TV anchor Divyadharahini and her boyfriend on Twitter. These images contained very Intimate pics in which you might see DD hai exposed.

10. Shweta Basu Prasad and the Prostitution ring


Shweta Basu Prasad is a National award-winning Tamil actress. She got some of her private videos leaked over the internet. This led to her arrest due to her alleged relationship with a Prostitution ring in Hyderabad. She was caught in a police raid. This is one of the biggest controversies of the South Indian Film Industry.

Above is the list of one of the most smoking hot sex scandals of all time in Tollywood. In these leaked clips and videos you’ll be able to see in the lives of the stars beyond the big screen.

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