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4 Signs You’re Being Overworked At Your Job And How To Solve It

No one likes to be overworked, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. There are a lot of reasons why one might be overworked. The most common reason is having a crappy boss, while other reasons are directly related to the person themselves.

Namely, there is a very real scenario where you might purposely be overworking yourself in a way to increase your financial gain. This is mostly the case for startups and bosses of small to medium-size companies.

But the subject of our article is the signs of being overworked at your job. Most importantly, we are here to tell you how to actually solve your problem. So, not to waste too much of your time, let’s get to know the 4 most common signs of being overworked and how to solve it.

1. You’re Having Difficulty Focusing and Keep Forgetting Stuff

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The first and probably most obvious sign of being exhausted from your job is the fact that you lose focus all the time and can’t really remember anything your boss or colleagues tell you.

But luckily for you, this is a very easy sign and very easy to work around it. When this sign appears, then you can take certain measures to make sure that things don’t deteriorate any further.

And there is a way to solve it. Let’s see how.

  • Take short brakes and try to refuel in between those breaks. Coffee, energy drinks, and even a short nap work great.
  • Listen to music as you work as music has the power to relax the brain. It should be mentioned that only soothing genres work.
  • If there is very little rest you can take, then creating a to-do list is great for managing your activities.


2. If You Can’t Sleep At All Or Have Trouble Sleeping

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Another clear and obvious sign of being overworked is the difficulty of falling asleep or getting any sleep at all. Being overworked means putting a lot of strain on your brain, which makes it to improperly function.

And if there is anything that the brain absolutely knows how to do is to fall asleep. But being overworked also means draining all the energy from your body, leaving you restless throughout the day.

It would be very tempting to take a short break and fall asleep, but this is a short-term solution that works only in the direst of situations. The real problem comes when insomnia kicks in and prevents you from actually falling asleep.

But insomnia will only appear after weeks if not months of sleepless nights and tiresome days.

And to beat insomnia, you will need a full day’s rest. Naturally, not every person in the world can take a day off their job. But it must be done regardless as insomnia can be very difficult to beat and even harder to cope with.

So, there are ways to cope with sleeping disorders that have emerged as a subsequence of being overworked.

  • Take a day off work. This might be impossible for some of you, but there is a way to do it. Faking a doctor’s note can be a live saver in times when your boss won’t allow a day off. You can visit to know more about it.
  • Try to get in bed roughly at the same time for a whole week, and try to get up at the same time. The best way to do this is to set an alarm when needing to get up and to actually abide by the bed rules. Do know that this is very difficult if you’re experiencing sleeping disorders, so you will end up failing once or twice.
  • Try to do relaxing activities that calm the mind. The best activity for it is yoga, meditation, and even exercising before going to bed.
  • There is always the daunting option of having to consult the doctor for the medication in case none of the above-mentioned tips solve your issue.

The most important thing is to eat healthy as healthy food gives us enough energy to last through the day.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is not only a sign of exhaustion and general weakness; it is also a sign of being overworked. Fatigue, unlike insomnia, affects the body and leaves you feeling sick, tired, and without energy. But there are ways to solve fatigue.

Here are some:

  • Eat plenty of healthy foods; try to eat as healthy as you can while taking your lunch break.
  • Make sure to do plenty of exercises as fatigue can also cause a lot of sleepless nights. By exercising you spending more energy that could otherwise keep you up.

Both of these solutions not only apply for your physical side but to your mental side as well.

4. Feeling Less Motivated

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This is a real issue that stems solely from being overworked. While there are plenty of reasons why you could be feeling less motivated, being overworked is usually the root cause.

Having to constantly pitch in and do multiple shifts can take the love out of your job. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, feeling less motivated will make you hate it.

Motivation is an important thing that every worker must have if they are to perform their daily tasks. Without it, we would end up procrastinating on the job.

But there are ways to solve it, so let’s see some of them.

  • Create a to-do list and start ticking off items as you go along. This could come handy if you’ve got plenty of deadlines to meet.
  • Create another list, a plan, that will help you be more efficient during the workday. Motivation is something that everyone needs, and you must find ways to get it back.

Ultimately, your goal would be to create a plan that would separate your work into sections that could be easier to take care of. No one wants a huge pile of work on their desk, so this might be a good way to solve your issue.

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