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13 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life – 2023 Guide

Every relationship sooner or later comes to the point where, no matter how much effort you put into romantic date nights, you can’t spark the desire for intimacy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that love is gone. Reasons are numerous, from everyday stress to financial hardships, or hormonal changes. When things get a little dull in the bedroom it’s time to spice up your love life. We put up a list of things you can try out to reignite the fire under the sheets.

Keep your clothes on

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Completely taking your clothes off is a sight already seen by your partner. To make a twist, try keeping some of the clothes on, like stilettos paired with stockings and halters. Men don’t really have much choice but going commando, but women can add a lot of excitement with leaving some parts covered. If you are looking for some hot lingerie, check out

Act like strangers

Pretend that you randomly just met each other in a bar, and start talking and flirting like you don’t know your partner. Explore his interests, his or her sense of humor, just talk. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, chances are that you both have changed at least a bit. Get to know your partner and fall in love all over again. You’re sure to find some exciting things about him that you never dreamed of.

Get some help

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If you have difficulties finding that trigger that will get you going throughout the sex, you might want to consider getting help in a form of lubricants and pills. And get this – lubricants now come in different flavors so that you can enjoy oral sex even more. It will certainly be a nice surprise for your partner, just make sure to pick his or her favorite one. Pills are a quick way to get started and last for hours. Check out to choose the right one that will get your blood boiling, or your partner’s.


Having sex in the bedroom all the time can be boring. Switching the scenery a bit can make a huge difference. Choose kitchen table, closet, or shower for starters. Different sensations, like smells and visuals, could excite you. If you think you have the guts for something riskier, try out public places like elevators, garages, beaches, etc. Just make sure that there’s no one in sight. This will get your heart pumping for sure.

Experiment with positions

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If you’re stuck on 3 or 4 positions for years it’s time to try something new. Research some unusual poses that you think both of you will like. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out great, or the position is uncomfortable, but don’t give up. Some couples got really close again emotionally with experimenting with new ways to have sex. You’ll find at least a couple of different ones that will suit you.

Get to know yourself

Before you can talk to your partner about your affinities in sex, you have to know your body and mind and what exactly turns it on. Masturbate, play and try new positions, to see which ones you like the most. Only then you can openly talk about spicing up sex life. You will help yourself to enjoy more and reach orgasm quickly and more intensely, and it will also make your partner feel great about getting you there.

Sex toys

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The sex toy industry has gone to great lengths to satisfy its clientele. Vibrators come in different shapes and sizes, with multiple speed settings, and for various purposes. You can pick on your own, or you and your partner can browse together and choose one meant for partners to play with. In any case, adding sex toys can sometimes feel like having a third person in the mix.


Exchange flirty messages with your partner while at work to build up the excitement for when you get together at home at night. If you’re comfortable you can add some explicit photos, and turn up the heat even more. Talk about what you plan to do when you see each other, what you would like to do, where, describe your sexy lingerie, etc.


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This is a great way for busy couples to spark their sex life again. Get a room in a fancy hotel with a great view, order some room service, and enjoy your mini vacation. Put “Do not disturb” on the doorknob, turn off your phones, and just dedicate time to each other. Don’t stress yourself that you have to have sex, you can, but some couples go just to talk, connect again, and enjoys each other’s company.

CBD candies

The vast majority of couples say that having some CBD before the date helps them to relax and stay in the moment with their partners. Forgetting about stress, work, debts, and everything else that sucks the life out of you on a daily basis, can greatly increase the quality of the time spent together. It can calm you down so that you can enjoy every second. Definitely a blessing.

Watch porn

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Together, we mean. Choose something your partner and you both like and make it a movie night! Watching it together can make you excited and interested maybe to try out something new. If this is too visual for you, maybe you can read each other some erotic literature. In any case, wake up your senses, and explore.


Nothing adds mystery to sex acts like blindfolding your partner. His or her body will be your canvas and you’re free to play with ice, oils, lubricants, and everything else you like. Your partner will get beyond excited since he or she won’t be able to see what comes next. The anticipation increases senses and excitement.


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You probably don’t have one on the ceiling, although you can book a room that has one. Anyways, let’s assume that you want to play at home. Put a large mirror by the side of the bed, or have sex in front of the bathroom or hallway mirror. Don’t judge each other, though. It will give you a look at your partner form various angles that might excite you even more.

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