3 Ways to Style Your Cardigan ─ Fashion Inspiration for Every Occasion

After acting as our favorite winter garment for many years, cardigans have graduated from their comfortable reputation. Designers have produced numerous year-round modifications to the cozy sweater, ranging from visually sophisticated button-ups to cropped tops in the 1990s.

Once the sun begins to appear in our weather forecasts more frequently, you should pack the necessary knit for the joyride. To master a cardigan for modern use, however, one must know how to style one.

Continue reading and find out how you can rock this stylish little item!

What Are the Different Kinds of Cardigans?

  1. Long cardigans or dusters – these are super fluffy, warm & cozy
  2. Short cardigans or cropped cardigans – these look great with high-waisted clothes
  3. Wrap cardigans – these are airy and unfastened. They are less structured than bulky knits
  4. Kimono cardigan— the wrap cardigan’s more casual relative! They are more for Spring than Fall, but with the correct layering pieces, you may wear them any season
  5. Knit cardigans are warm and comforting – with varieties including cable knit, knitted wool, and fair isle, they lend texture to a design.

3 Ways to Style Your Cardigan ─ Fashion Inspiration for Every Occasion


1. Sundressed style

On the perfect spring day, you’ll need a sundress and a light cardigan because the weather will be mild and sunny.

Choose a print that appeals to you, whether it’s covered in roses, daisies, or some other type of flower.

Next, throw on a cream-colored cardigan and hide it under a sleeveless top. Round off your look with a pair of strappy heeled sandals and bask in the sun in style.

2. Flip it/casual

The easiest advice here is to simply wear a cardigan that fits more loosely (rather than a thin, form-fitting style).

In order to put your arms through the sleeves as usual, you must first turn the garment inside out so that the tag-side of the collar is lying on your lower back. Just encircle your shoulders with the cardigan and insert the ends into the openings. Pair it with a sweet and straightforward hairdo.

3. Chunky & cozy

For the colder months, nothing beats a chunky cable knit cardigan.

You can go for something that has a high neckline and bishop sleeves.

Using this cardigan over a slip dress and high heel boots will instantly elevate your look to party-ready status.

When you accessorize your evening dress with a clutch and some sparkly earrings, you’ll be ready to party in style!


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