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Top 5 Destinations for First Time African Safari Holiday in 2021

From Kenya to South Africa to Zambia, Africa boasts pristine jungles and wildernesses that make for exotic safari tours. Africa’s safari destinations are famous for their extensive collection of wildlife and accommodation in safari lodges and camp located amid nature.  A typical safari tour across Africa is an opportunity to …

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Best Time of year to Climb Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and one of the 7 summits. With its 4600m from the foothills to the top of Uhuru (5895m), it is the mountain with the largest altitude difference in the world. This mountain is the dream of every adventurer, but also of all other …

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How Swahili Became the King of African Languages?

Swahili, Swaheli or Kiswahili belongs to the Niger-Congo language family, specifically to the group of Bantu. It is used throughout Africa but is most important in the following countries. In Tanzania, it is the main, national language. While in Kenya and Uganda it is official, although English and some others …

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