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Top 5 Biggest Companies in the World for 2020

You’d be surprised that nearly all of the companies that we will mention on this list are American. The companies on this list ware measured by market capitalization, and that’s the total value of a company’s entire purchased market share of stocks. Despite being American, their reach is worldwide and …

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Can Amazon FBA Sellers Survive the Trade Wars?

Tariffs or a tax payable on imports are becoming hot news these days. You cannot turn on the news without hearing the heated argument between the USA and China regarding tax rates on imports of China. Towards the month-end of September, when the most recently imposed tax rates have been …

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Morris Esformes on the (Potential) Breaking Up of Facebook and Amazon

Writer, Morris Esformes, analyzes Facebook and Amazon and details the potential pros and cons of breaking up large technology companies. Morris writes extensively on technology companies and the intersection of sports and entertainment with finance. His writing examines IPO’s, climate change, and mergers and acquisitions. Esformes has recently been writing …

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