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The Importance of Restaurant Appliances Maintenance

After using cooking appliances for a while, we might think their quality is still the same as long as they can keep up the performance. That explains why some restaurant owners also think we do not need to check and fix all these tools frequently. However, you should understand the …

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Fall in Love with Cooking: Smart Kitchen Appliances You’d Appreciate

Now that smart home technology is rapidly gaining popularity, your kitchen is one essential room you should not have reservations about linking to the network. As technology is getting smarter, smoother, more enjoyable even for less techy individuals, when it comes to cooking, still essential things we used in the …

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How Long should a Refrigerator Last?

Estimates regarding the lifespan of a refrigerator vary from one source to another. According to some, a standard refrigerator should last for ten years, while according to other sites, a refrigerator can have a long lifespan of 25 years. But a mini refrigerator can last not more than nine years. …

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