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Which Sport is the Most Popular for Betting in Canada In 2023

Canadians love to bet on sports – from the NHL to the CFL, there seems to be a sport that everyone can get behind. There are a lot of different sports that people are passionate about. Betting on them is nothing new and has been going on for hundreds of …

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Who Are the Best Players in the WNBA Right Now?

Basketball is a huge deal in the United States but for too long the men’s game has dominated. Slowly but surely, more respect is being poured on the women’s game though with viewing figures increasing by near on 50% compared to last season serving as perfect proof of that. It’s …

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The Importance of Vertical Jump in Basketball and Volleyball

When you think of the sports that include the most amount of jumping, you think of basketball and volleyball. And these sports benefit you greatly if you want to jump high. The two sports have introduced and launched some of the best athletes in the world. But why is this …

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