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10 Biggest Trends in Cryptocurrency Industry for 2020

Cryptocurrency or Digital currencies is future finance. In the coming years, millions of people will trade in cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology has been evolving in different countries. It has tempted hordes of traders and investors. In 2020, the cryptocurrency industry will face a transition phase, and it will integrate with several …

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Cryptocurrency Uses in Security Technology 2020

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have already taken the tech world by storm and are, according to experts, only going to increase in value, usefulness, and significance over time. Although initially designed to make money transactions easier, more secure, and faster, this financial technology, referred to as fintech for short, now has …

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Fintech Trends in 2020

When it comes to merging the world of finances and technology, the outcome is something called fintech. Fintech focuses on enriching financial services through the advancements of technology, and it is a heavily focused field in today’s time. Currently, the total value of fintech is around $310 billion, through an …

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